The King Jams With Phish

B.B.King stunned several thousand Phish fans on 2/24/03 at the Continental Airlines Arena at East Rutherford, NJ, when he came out and played 50 minutes of classic King material with the kings of impovisational jamband music.
Here is a clip from a show review on
“Now, I’m gonna warn some people again about expectations. To see Phish jam with BB for 50 minutes was an honor not a nuisance. This man seemed to be enjoying his first phish show, remember how floored you were too. He was just
having the time of his life as was I. As a guitar player myself this was just a dream come true, except I never dreamed this, its one of those moments where you’re
totally caught off guard. Yes, the vibe was weird at times but there were some great moments too. Last songs of first set – Everyday I Have the Blues (23 min) –
The Thrill is Gone (12 min) – Rock Me Baby (12 min).
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