B.B. King

B.B. King Discography
Blues Summit Concert [DVD]
Release Date: December 5, 2000
Label: Geffen
  1. Opening/Early Days In The Delta
  2. T-Bone Shuffle
  3. Beale Street, Memphis And WDIA Radio
  4. Three O'Clock Blues
  5. On The Road And B.B. On His Style
  6. Ain't Nobody's Business
  7. The Beginnings Of The Blues
  8. The Thrill Is Gone
  9. The Birth Of "The Thrill" And Blues As American Music
  10. I Can't Quit You Baby
  11. Both Sides Of The Blues
  12. Call It Stormy Monday
  13. High On Music
  14. You Can Have My Husband
  15. New Notions And Today's Music
  16. Playin' With My Friends (Part 1)
  17. Rufus Thomas On B.B.
  18. Playin' With B.B.'s Friends (Part 2)
  19. William Ferris Interview
  20. Hey, Hey The Blues Is Alright
  21. Tribute To Miles, Stevie Ray & Albert
  22. End Credits
  23. Early Days In The Delta
  24. 300 Days On The Road
  25. B.B. King MCA Records Catalog