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“The blues was bleeding the same blood as me.”

Mr. King passed peacefully in his sleep at 9:40 pm PT on May 14 2015.

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angel says:

El mas grande bluesman se ha ido de gira. Hoy la musica toda esta de duelo y su partida deja un vacio que nunca va a poder ser cubierto. Descanso eterno al mas grande!!! QEPD

Syrus says:

Words can’t express how much this saddens me.
The King lives on in the music.

Revanth says:

He was a hero, A legend, He is the Blues. May he rest in peace.

will says:

mr.king rest in peace , we will Always remember you and listen in admiration to your music

Timothy Curry says:

GOD Bless and thank you.

eric egbert says:

The thrill will never be gone…….you will be missed

Rob Copeland says:

God bless B.B. Loved his music and saw him live many times over the years in New York City. He even shared a plate of fried shrimp with me in his dressing room before a show one night. The music lives on. R.I.P.

Steve Blackman says:

A great man gone. I’ll never forget seeing him play in the UK , and also visiting Indianola a few years ago.
Thanks for the blues

Laura Pinto says:

R.I.P. Mr. King. Your legend will live on. Condolences to your family and friends. Thank you for gifting the world with your talent.

Michael says:

Hi, BB was a hugt influence on me, I play blues guitar, and I am blind, I learned a lot of licks from BB. He will be missed. I saw BB a few times, when he came to town. Keep playing the blues BB in heaven, you will be missed deeply.

Anthony johnstone says:

Had the honor to watch you perform last August at the Warfield in San Francisco. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

magid kebbaj says:

I am deeply sad BABY KING is gone .Isaw him on stage a few years ago in Morocco .He promised to come back if he were still alive !!..We love you you’re still here ..legends never die !!

Curtis Ireland says:

My condolences and best wishes. This was truly a loss of an amazing legend.

klaus says:

Thanks for the blues, mr Blues! Greetings to Pappo!
Klaus, from Argentina

Donna Edmondson says:

Thank you for all the years of great music. My family and I had the privilege of seeing you several times. You will be missed but your music and influence will live on! Rest in peace Mr. King.

Clare Martin says:

You so deserve your rest. Your talent and musical influence will be widely celebrated, but also you will be remembered for being a kind, gentle beautiful human being.

Dave Grigsby says:

Thank you Mr. King for all you have done! you will be dearly missed…:-(

Joe Gilliland says:

Thank You…Godspeed!

Marco says:

So sad… Play in peace

My guitar cry today, from Switzerland with love

Facundo says:

Se fue un grande! :(

marco says:

goodbye unforgettable B.B.King

David Balgosky says:

The Great one is gone

Martin Söderberg says:

R.I.P King! Thanks for all

Mike. Gryka says:

Life long fan. Glad I saw you live. Rest in peace.

Stefano ferrarini says:

Thanks for all Blues Boy …… Rest in peace .
We loves you !

Jo says:

The King is dead. Long Live the King! Saw BB at The Gorge and again a few years later in Green Bay. Love the music. Love the man! He will be sorely missed. Heartfelt condolences to his family.

Galibrea says:

So sad. Met him years ago. Such a humble man, a real gentleman. So long my King. You will be missed. Thank you for adding such wonderful songs to the OST of my life.

Giannis Athanasiou says:

Rest in Peace my good man.
We will be listening to your Lucille playing from the Heaven. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the music you gave us.

Giannis Athens Greece

John Agnoli says:

Thanks for all the music. I met him a few times and he was always nice. RIP Mr. King

Bill hynes says:

I saw bob in concert several time and enjoyed every minute. Truly one of the greats. He will be missed terribly.

Oh my god, BB is gone !

RIP Mr King. You ported your music in the world and we’ll never forget you.

Mauro Grestini says:

Thank You Mr. BB King for your music & life! With love!

Tom hill says:

Thank you b b you were a huge influence in my music life you will be missed but not forgotten and

Jeff Plesko says:

A true legend and icon. An American treasure that will be missed but live forever through his music and the thousands he influenced. We Love You B.B.

Hoelbling Andreas says:

You gave the world soo much…
Rest in peace

Brian Roberts says:

I am sorry to hear about the passing of the great B.B. King. You are one of my great Icons, in this life, your music was great, rest in Peace Mr King. My dad passed away on a Thursday evening on May 15th last year around 9:45pm. What a coincidence. Dad is now with great company.
Thank you.

rusty simmons says:

I am so sorry to hear of the GREAT Mr King passing. He truly was one of my blues legend heroes. Long live the memory of the KING OF BLUES. Mr King, his family and friends will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Eric says:

Thank you B.B. for all the music. Making my high school students listen to you for the rest of the day.

Gods speed B.B.
Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to B.B.’s family and friends. He touched so many lives with his music. He will be sorely missed.
I know we will all keep the memory of B.B and his music in our hearts.
I like to think he is now walking on stage in heaven with Muddy, SRV and many other greats who have gone before him, of course the “CEO’ is the headliner.
Rest in peace B.

Jackie Brown says:

I have overwhelming found memories of B. B. King. His music has influence some major decisions I had in my life and his legacy always will.

I am so sorry to hear about his passing. My wishes are to his children and family to not lose sight of “The Man, and his accomplishments to this world.

He is resting with God, singing and playing music with the angels. He will be missed.

My heart felt condolences to you all.


Mike in Detroit says:

God Bless the King! yes, the Thrill Is Gone.
Prayers to your family,,
May you now pick it with God for ever!

Thanks, Mike in Detroit.

Kimberly says:

My Heart is both broken and lifted. His spirit and music will be his legacy…….
Rest in Peace my friend

rob mattingly says:

RIP to one of the Kings, the world misses you but you’re already etched in history and no one will forget…

Robbie says:

This is a very sad day indeed. Mr. King will be greatly missed.

Nachum says:

You will be hugely missed and always remembered. Rest in peace knowing your legend will never fade.

Rivalfo Araújo says:

Switched off the last light of the Blues.

attyé says:

Rest in peace ! And keep on rockin’ heaven !
Thanks for all those wonderfull tittles !

Alessandro Guiderdone says:

THANK YOU…simply THANK YOU!!!…with tears of course…but also with a BIG SMILE…cause I know you will ALWAYS be alive in me.

I’m ALIVE (by Don Fardon) is the song I want to dedicate to you!



Cat C says:

You have inspired so many, and you will be greatly missed. Thank you for sharing your time and music with us. You will forever live in the hearts of so many. God bless and RIP Mr. King.

Adam Bowser says:

Words cannot express the sadness I feel. Mr. BB King has been my soundtrack for my entire life. Godspeed Mr. King, May 14th, is the real day “The Music Died”

eddie says:

This wonderful man gave us so much joy with his gifts I know there is a special place in Heaven for him.

My prayers go out to his extended family the world wide.

Rest in Peace Riley B. King

steve says:

A truly sad day in history.

Jory Vernon says:

We will miss you BB. Thank you for the great amazing music. It was an honor to see you play live. RIP.

Angela says:

A Legend that will truly be missed! The Thrill is Gone! God Bless!

John Schipper says:

So sad to here the passing of the King of Blues. The world will miss him and his music. The King may be gone but the Thrill is not we will always have his music.

Andrew Arpey says:

At the Crossroads Festival, even in later years, when Mr. King graciously shared the stage with legendary disciples Clapton, Vaughan, and Cray for “The Thrill Is Gone,” his guitar solo was still unmatched. No one ever has or ever will sing and play the blues better. I love you Mr. Riley King and can’t imagine having lived without your music. You will live forever as your unmistakable sound is passed on to each new generation of aspiring musicians. Thank you and be at peace.

Mykal Banta says:

Everyone loves you Mr. King – you are with the Lord now.

There must have been one amazing Blues concert in Heaven last night!

Elson Cabral says:

R.I.P. Mr Riley ! Thanks for all ! 😉

Chantal Wannyn says:

My condolences

italy, today gives me great grief, you’ll miss you

mauricio says:

Best wishes and good vibes to all the family of Mr. King. He left a great legacy in all the blues players in the world, he well missed…
The king is gone… Long live the king!!

Beth says:

Condolences to the family and friends of a musical legend and amazing man. Mr. B.B. King’s music made us all better people. He will be missed. I’m thinking that there is a jazz club in heaven that is enjoying the addition of BB to their ranks.

Kerry says:

Mr. King, Thank you for bringing the blues to us. You bridged the river of intolerance and racial prejudice. You influenced so many people, I don’t think you will ever realize the total impact of your life.

You also were a very kind man and a pure showman and one of the best guitar players anyone has seen.

RIP Mr. King!

JOHN says:

The KING is gone…But not forgotten…RIP…

Bob says:

The world is a lot poorer this morning.
Gibson should lower their flags to half mast.

Faye, Paul and Nicholas Richard says:

We are so very sad to hear of the passing of Mr. King. We had the honour and privilege of meeting Mr. King with our young son a few years ago at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and he was so very kind. As Mr. King was starting to leave the stage at the end of his performance, he turned around and came towards us and leaned down at the edge of the stage to shake our young son’s hand. We were sitting front row, center. Such a very special moment in our lives that we will never forget. Such a lovely and genuine gentleman. Our heartfelt sympathy to Mr. King’s family and friends. We play Mr. King’s beautiful music all the time and will forever remember him. Thank you Mr. King for enriching our lives with your beautiful and majical music. God Bless you. May you rest in peace. Heaven will be singing the blues along with you and Lucille. Much love, the Richard Family (Ottawa).

Ricardo says:

A great simple man loved by everybody.This is the beggining.

Scott Boyce says:


Karen Seman says:

We’ve lost a legend.

He’s at peace, enfolded in the wings of angels.

Thomas Högberg says:

Truely a sad day, RIP mr King.

Tom DiRusso says:

I love you BB. Rest in peace.

Paulo Gomes says:

God bless his soul and give him eternal peace!

Thank you B.B. King for giving such great music to the world and for inspiring thousands of musicians! Your name and music shall live forever!!

Vincent Belfire says:

Goodbye Mr. King. I’m so glad you came to Kearney Nebraska in April 2010. It was a great concert and a memory I will always cherish. Rest in peace friend. Thanks for all the great music.

Jo lopez says:

Rip in peace bb. I was a pleasure and honor to have met you
Thank you for the inspiration

Bill says:

RIP Riley…Lucille lives on forever!

Patricio Ferro says:

I learned you the passion of every single sound. I have sadness in my heart and his notes in mi soul. Rest in peace KING OF BLUES. KING OF KINGS.

Rhonnie says:

I am devastated at the loss of the “King”.
Just finished watching the Life of Riley and had comfort in knowing he’d be around for his 90th.
45 years ago when I was 14 I ran away to New York from Toronto to see the man himself live in concert.
Rest in peace Riley knowing all the joy you have and will continue to bring the world.
A fan forever

David Maye says:

I was saddened to hear this news this morning. I had the opportunity to have seen BB play in Montreal years ago. Talented man along with his band. He was a man who believed in God. I know he is with his Heavenly Father today. Our condolanses to his family.

Aline says:


I offer my sincere condolences to the King family. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. King backstage before a show in Chicago many years ago. When I asked if I could see the famous lady he said I could touch her. A GENTLE-MAN with a wonderful smile will be missed…


Chris McQueen says:

R.I.P. King! Thank you for giving us something priceless.

phil says:

My condolences the great legend he was great and will be missed

Patricio says:

I learned you the passion of every single sound. I have sadness in my heart and his notes in mi soul. Rest in peace KING OF BLUES. KING OF KINGS.

Sharon MacDonald says:

The greatest blues guitarist ever. The thrill is gone…for real.

Sabrina says:

Rest in Paradise Mr. King. You will be missed! ❤

Lyneve Whiting says:

A legend and then some in his lifetime, leaving an awesome legacy that will live on forever.

Yoico “Heisenberg” Padilla says:

May the King rest in peace

Harrison Finney says:

Rest in peace. The last of The Three Kings, and a great ambassador of the blues.

Paul Doherty says:

Through adversity, out of poverty and sometime repression; true grit and determination brought to the world the best of all that speaks of the good in humanity to those who would denounce our fellow man for ill perceived differences.
Lucille quiet, rest in peace.


Dan says:

Farewell, to a great man. I love B.B.

Let’s make sure to give the best tribute possible and keep the blues alive. I blow my harp in memory.

We miss you, our king.

Dan B.

Daniel Walker says:

I am truly saddened to read this… Rest in peace, Mr. King. You have touched millions of people.

Joel says:

Rest in peace!

Frank says:

Once a King, Always a king.
We’ve lost one of the greats today.
The man lived and breathed the blues, and lived one hell of a life.
From picking cotton in the fields as a kid, to playing over 300 shows a year well into his autumn years.
One of the most influential and important musicians in blues history. Here’s to you Riley. Get some well deserved rest.

Robbie says:

It is a very sad day in deed. This truly may be “The day the music died”. A true legend that will be missed.

Terry Vaughan says:

B.B.King got me and probably the whole world through alot of tough times…He will never be Forgotten..God Bless, Blues Boy

Tom Smith says:

Loved his music, loved the man. It’s raining in California and a sad day for our loss and heaven’s gain.

Joe Burt says:

Truly a sad day. I saw him play several times in our native homeland of Mississippi. He will be greatly missed. Hope to see him again when we cross over the Jordan and into Calgary. God bless B.B. King

Rick says:

It is a sad day. I was lucky enough to see B.B. play on four occasions. Never a disappointment seeing the King.

Bruno says:

This man is The BEST!! R.I.P. Master!

Bill Reece says:

It is trully a sad day that we have lost the King of Blues , My Sincerest Condolences go out to Mr King’s Family & Friends the world will be a lesser place without him.


To the family of BB KING,I would like to wish
your family my heart felt condolences on such a sad day please remember him as a good man and a blues man.

Tracy says:

Rest In Peace Mr. King.

Erin says:

My condolences to the friends and family of this absolute legend. You’ve left quite a legacy Mr. King.

Thomas Riley says:

Bless you, Riley B… you will be missed. Thoughts and prayers for your friends and family.

Joe Burt says:

Truly a sad day. I saw him play several times in our native homeland of Mississippi. He will be greatly missed. Hope to see him again when we cross over the Jordan and into Calvary

Sondra says:

You made it all better with your music whether it was laughing, crying, praising, celebrating or rocking out you made that guitar talk to our souls. We know you are going to a happier place.

Sondra says:

You made it all better with your music whether it was laughing, crying, praising, celebrating or rocking out you made that guitar talk to our souls. We know you are going to a happier place.

God bless Mr King. I’ve seen him live so many times while in medical school in New Orleans, LA. The way he helped me get through the hard times during those 12 years, feel he should have shared that degree with me.

Paul G says:

Very sad to hear, but what an incredible legacy of music, and love he has left behind.
B.B. you will be missed!

Christian Steiner says:

Tears keep runnin… I`m so sad but also Thankfull for everything. Mr. King, we´ll miss you so much!

with love from Germany-yours Christian Steiner.

By the light of the moon comes a flood of emotion
Riley B King he’s the king of the ocean
He’s royal blue like the deep blue sea
Riley B. King (by Keb Mo).

Sabas Arturo Cordero says:

From Panama. I regret the news of the death of this great Artist. We will remember him forver.

e Potts says:

Mr King, thank you for the music that will keep you with me for as long as I live. May your music keep your memory always. I am grateful for your time on earth, and that you were able to share your gifts with all. Truly, the Thrill IS Gone. Rest in peace.

Wanda Perkins says:

LONG LIVE THE KING.My prayers and best wishes to the family.This man was more than a legend.

Francisco Zuñiga says:

He despertado hoy con mi corazón muy triste, muy triste. Quisiera dar las gracias a este tremendo ser humano por la alegría que produjo a este mundo, por la intensidad de sus sentimientos expresados a través de su canto y de su incondicional Lucille. El Blues ya no será lo mismo sin ti, es increible el sentimiento que me nace por alguien que ni siquiera sabe mi nombre, descanza en paz querido mío. infinitas gracias y siempre estarás en mi corazón, vivo, siempre vivo.
Desde Chile, vuela alto b.b.

Resto in peace, King of Blues!

Susan Ryan Hanscom says:

Our hearts and prayers go out to Mr. King’s family and friends. We will miss him terribly and the many times we saw him play in Baltimore will be treasured memories. Please let Chris Bey know that Susan and Liz are thinking of him at this difficult time and to stay strong. Thank you BB, all hail the King!

robert mcbride says:

Glad I was able to see him on more than one occasion, he was the master. heartfelt wishes to all his family.
rock on.

Thank you BB for your music and your life! I have been a lover of the Blues since I first found it through early English artists who I followed as a boy. Through them I found out they were inspired by you and discovered the true fountain of the Blues. I took every opportunity to see you in person and it always gave me great joy.
The “Thrill is Gone” today from the Blues, but will live on for all time through your great body of work that you left for us to enjoy forever.

Thank You and God Bless you and your family.

Heather Lynn says:

God bless your soul Riley! You have been an inspiration!! To all your family and loved ones God bless each everyone of you!

Brian Allen says:

I had the great pleasure seeing B.B. in concert numerous times and followed his career for decades. He was one of a kind.

I have a signed guitar of his and, much like the story of the original Lucille, I would be tempted to run into my burning house to save it (after my family was safe, of course!).

Ian McGurn says:

Big fan for a long time and will continue to be. My sympathy to friends and family. Mr. King is a big part of my life’s soundtrack:)

hiroyuki says:

When I first listen to king,
I was just sweet sixteen..
I play blues in japan.
I really love you,king.

Florian says:

Rest in peace B.B.King. Your Music is fantastic and will ever be in my life. Thank you for everything.

Maria Luiza Trindade says:

“The Thrill Is Gone…”
Não existe partida para quem fez história e tocou o coração do mundo como ele… permanecerá em nossos corações, tocando a alma das pessoas enquanto nosso mundo existir, talvez para além das estrelas!!! Triste, mas também feliz, por ter conhecido através dele a trilha sonora da minha vida… ‪#‎Gratidao‬ ‪#‎DescanseEmPaz‬ ‪#‎lenda‬ ‪#‎RIP‬ ‪#‎BBKing‬ ‪#‎TheThrillIsGone‬

AndreaZambu says:

God bless BB King

William Webb says:

I have had the privilege of hearing Mr. King in concert several times. The most memorable was in the Grove at Ole Miss during my time as a student there in the late 1980’s. It was the best concert I have ever attended! What a showman Mr. King was! I will never forget that day!

K parks says:

RIP, WONDERFUL MAN. HEAVENs music will be even more beautiful.

Martin Liening says:

Thank you B.B.King, thank you so much! We´ll never forget you, the grandfather of the german blues fans , while we growing up with the blues. Blues, you´ve give us the best gift of america, blues as a Diamond!

David Wayne Broyles says:

What a legend. Very sad day. His music will live for eternity.

Mark Harrelson says:

Sad to hear the news. What a great story from the cotton fields to playing for presidents and the Queen! I had the opportunity to see him several times. I met him once backstage at a club in Jackson, MS. We talked about how he loved Carlos Santana. What a great guy! “There’s got to be a better World somewhere”.

Noam Tishler says:

Hey there. when I heard God of Soul died a part of my heart died. Im from Israel, a lot of people here are love and admire B.B King as their Leader(!).
Be strong Blues Nation!!

Long Live Blues.


He give us real music.

José Buchanan says:

My condolences to friends and family of BB, we will miss him so much!
I am grateful though for his heritage of music and nice memories of concerts….
Love from Dereick and Jose Buchanan from the Netherlands, EU

Pianki says:

Thank You for all you have contributed to society. Thanks for that song you played when some did not know exactly what was wrong. You remind me of my grandfather. Now that I am one too I hope someday to be as good as you.




Michael says:

Lucille is a widow today and we are all fatherless

LBF1205 says:

Thank You Mr. King, #RIPBBKING

Ravi Khanna says:

A terrible loss! My thought are with Mr. Kings family and friend!

Bryan Laird says:

RIP MR BB King. You will forever live on in the hearts of all us blues fans! Flay away home and be free! So long…

Sue Merritt says:

I saw Mr. King at Pine Knob just north of Detroit a few years ago. I know that he struggled with illness for many years but kept the blues alive for so many of us who otherwise may not have been introduced to the genre. He lived a good life. May he rest in peace.

Andrew says:

The thrill may be gone ,but the great memories of his performance and appreance on the Cosby show will live forever .Thank you B B KING

Jerry Brown says:

Thank you for everything you and your music have done god bless gonna be one hell of a concert in heaving to night. The three kings ride again

Mary Mullin says:

Just want to express my sadness at the passing of BB… a true legend to the end. Sincere sympathies to his family and close friends, may he rest in peace. From all in Ireland.


Thank you for enlightening my heart to the beauty of the blues. You will be deeply missed, but you left us with your beautiful music and Lucille.

RIP – Mr. King

Peter Alvarea says:

I wish I could have said this before BB was alive. You have influenced me in the way I played my instrument. My prayers are to all the family and friends left here suffering this great loss. God speed BB.

Tina Holm says:

My heart goes out to all of the family and friends who knew personally this great man. I am just a listener who for 40 years of my life was able to enjoy his music. His mastery of the blues is a treasure that will last forever in this world. God Bless You during this sad time.

Bye BB :( and Thank You

Solon Hastas says:

RIP Riley!
Thanks for every single tune you brought in our lives…

dustin poage says:

you will forever be in my heart

Cj says:

A Legend has gone home to rest. He did not leave us alone. He left us with his incredible music and wisdom. He has left a mark on my heart. R.I.P. B.B. King! You will be missed!

Karen hovelson says:

Mr. King thank you for all the smile, all the music, and all the memories. Good-bye with all my love and respect.

Edgardo Contreras says:

El maestro se ha ido, pero su música permanecerá por siempre, nadie mejor que él. En México también lo admiramos y queremos.

Jake says:

The blues are far reaching and B.B. has just about reached them all. There is no qestion he gave his life to the blues and we’re all better for it. The hardest working man in the blues and a true American music LEGEND. Im glad to say I am privledged enough to have seen him play live.
The blues are for everybody; black, white, man, woman and child everyone knows the blues. RIP

Joyce Lawson says:

Mr. King was the last of the great blues singers. I so loved to hear him sing and my daddy played nothing but the blues and B.B. was his favorite. If I hear blues in the clouds today, I know that Mr. B. B. King and Lucille are partying with the angles. Play on Mr. King, play on.

Dr. Ric Everett says:

R.I.P. Riley B. King! You are already missed!

Tim Pandiscio says:

To say that B. B. King touched the lives of people of all economic or social status and race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, or age, would be a tragic understatement. His artistry knew no boundaries.

B. B. King left an indelible mark on countless lives that have been forever enriched by his love of blues. I know that I can speak for many when I say this. However, I am being purely selfish in making the statement that B. B. King will be sorely missed. RIP B. B. King.

Bruce Goette says:

the world is a better place for having had Mr King in it. His style and grace have and will continue to influence me and thousands more. The thrill will never be gone.
RIP Riley B King you were the best!

Heather says:

Mr. King you will be forever missed, loved, and remembered. Thank you for your shining voice and nature. The world is in mourning today. Bless your loved ones, and Bless you!

Catherine Horn says:

My prayers are with the Mr. King’s family.The world has truly lost a most loving and gifted man. My heart feels the loss and pain as if he was my own father. I am truly heartbroken.

Steve Lunn says:

You were a hero to me at a very young age, Mr. King! We will all miss that voice, and those licks….

Thanks for everything!

Goodnight, Lucille…


Pete says:

Rest well BB, you will be missed by millions. Thank you for sharing your music and life with us.

Pamela says:

I feel so blessed that I saw him play with Peter Frampton a couple years ago. What a wonderful man and accomplished blues guitar player. He will be missed. God bless him on his new journey. Hopefully he’s playing with Stevie Ray, Ella, Etta, Count Basie and all the other amazing artists that have left this mortal plane!


God is so merciful! You’re gone, but certainly not forgotten. Thank you Mr. King for always carrying yourself in a positive way before us. Thank you for honing your talent and skills, and delivering it so regally. You always gave an aura of happiness in your performances and interviews. Being King of the Blues, you would think you were a sad person, but from that beautiful personality, I sure couldn’t tell….To your family and loved ones, be strong, you were so blessed to have such a stellar celebrity in your mist. Our prayers for strength to you and thank God in Jesus’ name for allowing us to enjoy you for 89 years…to God be the Glory. The Williams Family of Bartlett, Tennessee

PJ Levine says:

I honestly don’t know if BB knew or appreciated just how much he meant–not just his music, but HIM–to people around the world.

His music and his soul reminded us, as Abraham Lincoln once said, “of our better angels”; the irony being that blues and its greatest player could help relieve you of ‘being blue’.

We love you BB and the world is a much lonelier, colder place without you today, and forever.

shelby tenn says:

Wuz on Beale Street the other day when the mayor of Memphis declared it B.B. Kings Day. Signed a get well card and Did a 2 minute discussion on what B B. King meant to me and my life.

Well it’s all about the stories of the songs…yeah man all those songs were just stories about his life and his love and his experiences. I can pick a song and experience in my own life and it will be a match.

Rest in peace Mr King..” The Thrill’s moving on (not gone)..

salvatore says:


Julie Perren says:

May God Bless and Keep Mr. B.B. King and his family during this time and R.I.P. with the utmost respect and incredible fortuity to have been alive during the time Mr. King gave the world so much love through his great, God Given talent. Thank you Mr. B.B. King, you brought love to the world. You’re records will play forever!

Meredith M says:

So sad.
My life is rich because of the good music, the shows, and the good times lived with b.b.’s music scoring my life.
Huge loss to the world.
He will be greatly missed.

B.B. King the music of our heart is sad this day. Thank you for your beautiful smile and the wonderful blues you’ve given us over the years.

Heaven has its blues angel this day. Prepare a place for us.

God Bless Your Soul.

Ed and Rosemary Jennings

John Alison says:

I am saddened by Riley passing. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for have knowing him. My prayer go out to his friends and family. He will be missed, but where ever someone is playing the Blues he will be there.
John Alison

Ron Kills Plenty Luneau says:

For many years, Mr. King’s music and words have journey with me through life. He has not only been one of my favorites but also one of my heroes. A true treasure, a great gift. I know I do not stand alone when I say he will be missed and loved for many years to come. I am grateful for his life and music. I hope his journey home is filled with love, warmth, joy and amazing blues!


“You can’t never lose if you play the blues..” Thanks you Mr King.


Richard Shull says:

Rest Well, Mr. King. I will miss you.

Ken Dixon says:

Rest well Mr. King.

Jorge Monteiro says:

Today it’s a very sad day for me!

I saw BB King in lisbon 20 years ago. He was my guitar idol.

My other Idol was Gary Moore.

Now I have no more idols…

RIP BB King :(

JohnnyG says:


Bill says:

Thank you for all the music and emotion. You changed my life and playing in many ways.

Walter Thomas says:

You will be missed, thank God we still have your great music. You have certainly touched my life.

Armando says:

So long B.B & thanks for everything.

Pastor D'Arthur Wilcox Jr. says:

I want to express my condolence to the family of the King, Mr. B.B.King, his music and his artistry on the guitar has influenced many musicians. I have listen to his music in our home from the time I was a little boy, my dad was a true fan and so was I. he will be truly missed in the world of music and I am sure in his family, just know that God will comfort your family and heal all hurt in due time, you have so many great memories because of his work captured on video and CD’S and as long as Mr.King relationship with Jesus was right, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 tells us this. 13 Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. 14 For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. 15 According to the Lord’s word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep. 16 For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. 18 Therefore encourage one another with these words.My point is this, you will see him again as God’s word has promised those who are in Christ Jesus. That’s something to rejoyce about. God bless you.

Terry Dares says:

You taught me the Blues like no other. Your tone alone told the world this was BB. Thank you for a lifetime of soul pleasing music.
Much Love

Mary Murray says:

Godspeed B. B…….thank you for your timeless music! “Another blues stringer gone home…..”

JustAFan says:

A Great musical influence, A Great performer , A Great talent and a Great Man passed today. Thanks for the Music BB , Rest in Peace and Play On.

Maxine Gentle says:

I have loved listening to BB Kings music since I was about 11 years young. Him and Billie Holiday topped my music listening and singing since I first heard our neighbor player their records.
R.I.P. BB, you gave us a lot of entertainment with your music.Be with Jesus.

Glen Lawhorne says:

Mr. King’s music brought a lot of light into my world when it was at it’s darkest. My world is a little more blue now. Rest in peace, Mr. King. You may be gone, but never forgotten.

Noah Hochman says:

We love BB.RI.P.To the Family I’m sorry for your loss and I let all of you have some privacy and The thrill is gone.

Noah Hochman,Richmond Hill,Ont,Canada

Today at all hours of the start with the teacher.
Our humble tribute from GROOVE RADIO . You find Musica .

Alison T says:

You will truly be missed BB! Thank you for sharing your gift with us! I had the pleasure of seeing you in concert! Rest in peace!!!!

Mike Drish says:

A true inspiration to all who loved his music.
His music has an will inspire for eternity.

Andy says:

BB King didn’t just play the blues, he channeled the blues becoming one with them. Watching him perform over the years it was amazing to see this transformation on stage. His eyes would close, his head would tilt back, his mouth would slightly open, and like a seismograph his voice and Lucille would confirm the two had become one. One night following a concert in Bossier City I was asked to sit with him for a few hands of blackjack. I’ll never forget that experience. I will never forget BB King. His spirit will live on forever through his music, through the blues.

Richard Smith says:

We’ve lost a wonderful and amazing man and entertainer. I was so lucky to enjoy attending some of his performances in NC. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Rest easy

M G says:

You inspired several Generation before me and during my life, you will live forever in Soul and Mind with the rhythm of Blues at center Stage.

Jorgen Berg says:

A very very sad day. RIP and god bless.

Sam Johnson says:

R.I.P. Mr. B.B. King. He will always hold a special place in our hearts. We got to see him perform in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and my husband got to work with his daughter Shirlee when she sang with his group The Flat Broke Blues Band. I know that Flat Broke is heartbroken at losing the “King” of the blues family. A sad, sad day. Love and prayers to his family and his music family.

Irineu says:

rest in peace King.
your big fan of Brazil

Juan Andrés Venegas says:

Querido BB, siempre fuiste y serás mi ídolo, no pude verte el 2010 en Chile por el terremoto se suspendio el Show, guardo los tickets de recuerdo y los obsequios que tenía comprados para tí.
Solo deseo que Dios te reciba en su reino y puedas seguir deleitando en el paraíso con tu hermosa música del alma, descansa en paz querido ídolo.

Austin says:

True legend RIP :(

Rob says:

Sad day for me. I will continue to play his music for all my life and am thankful I was able to see him in concert many times. We all love BB.

Dan Sigmund says:

Thank you Mr. King. Your legend lives forever

Tony Mongarro says:

Dear King family
I’m sorry for your loss. We will all truly miss Mr.King .
He was and is a big influence in my music appreciation and life.
Sincerely Tony M.

Dougy Thomas says:

BB King meant so much to me as a guitarist.I first saw him on sanford & son when I was barely in middle school.I thought he was a made up character on the show until my dad told me that he’s a real person that really plays out.With that said,by the weekend,I had my first BB King album.He has influenced me in so many ways since then.God bless BB King.

Cathi Larson says:

Rest in Peace BB. A legend has left us, but the thrill will live on through his music.

Emilio Agazzi says:

Since I was litle kid I enjoy the music of the Master and his message of peace. Here in Argentina somebody is sharing tears of sadness because of the pass away of the King of the Blues. Thank you for the music, from a small corner of the planet earth I tell you Master, your music will never pass away.

Paul A A Daniel says:

A sad day for the world; a great man has passed, though his mark on it will remain with us forever.

Tyler Wadsworth says:

Rest in Peace BB. My you have a peaceful journey to that Better World.

john alexander kok says:

i´ll pray for you today Mr King, thanks for your beautiful song!!!

Johan Barlaj says:

R.I.P Mr. B.B King – Thank You for the music.

Justin says:

One of the greatest and most influential musicians of all time. Inspired all the greats, none as great as himself. Music was never the same after he started playing, now it will never be the same since he’s passed.
Rest in peace Mr. King.

Daniel Harshaw says:

I had the honor to see the King and Buddy Guy at ODU,(Old Dominion University) here in the tidewater area. The King will live on and will continue to inspire those who are a fane of the Blues, we cant let the Blues die. As a young and advanced player of the Blues, I am determined to keep the Blues going and to open it up to other people. Younger people such as Joe Bonamassa are going to be legends one day at the Blues, in my opinion he already is. Anyways, the Kings family is in my thoughts and prayers always.

harrie lemmens says:

A great king is dead.long live the king you were the best ever……

Luiz Henrique Teixeira dos Reis Guerra says:

The World parting with blues king’s sorrow.

We will miss his music.

No words describe.

My sincere feelings to all family and friends.


Luiz Henrique, from Brazil.

Ralph Johnson says:

May he rest in peace. I have been a fan sice he was playing in the clubs a Truman, Arkansas. God bless him and there will never be an equal.

Tim says:

The music reached right into your soul, and it’ll still be there for the rest of MY life.

John Flynn says:

Rest In Peace B.B. A truly great bluesman, a truly great man.

Mike says:

Blues Boy the King – Rest In Peace, your music remains with us!

Andrew says:

A true legend has left us. RIP Mr. King you will live on in our memories forever. Thank-you for ever note!

Hal Totten says:

This is a sad day for all of Mississippi. B.B. will be sorely missed.

Fred says:

I am devastated by the passing of Mr. King. I am a Blues/Rock guitar player and Mr. King’s has always been a huge influence on my playing. The emotion and feeling he created with his playing and vocal was second to none. Mr. king, he will ALWAYS be a part of me….may his beautiful soul rest in peace!

With a heavy heart,

Rich Meijer says:

Thank You BB – you threw your pic to me when I was 17 – I still play the blues.

Thank You!!!


Tom says:

Not being a fan and at my girlfriends insistence went to see BB around July 1977.
BB played/sang maybe 3 songs and I was instantly transformed. Saw him maybe 3 more times and loved every minute. Never have I see such a well respected entertainer and man.

Not only has the music world lost an incredible talent mankind has as well.

eguerre says:

BB KING un jeu reconnaissable parmi tous, une simplicité,bb king tu as raison Lucie reste là maintenant elle va jouer pour toi!!!
rest in peace merci pour tout!!!

Patricia says:

Rest in Peace King. You were a true legend that left us with music that will live on forever.

Pattie Meade says:

Rest in Peace and play that music in Heaven. My dad is there waiting for a guitar God to come play with. Lucky enough to see him in concert, I am glad I did. Thank you for the music!

Michael Pizarro says:

R.I.P Mr. King. I had the pleasure of seeing you live. Thank You

Andrea Alvarez says:

I cried this morning and feel incredibly sad…we knew this day would come, but it doesn’t make it any easier. RIP Mr. King; I will remember your sweet music, amazing talent and incomparable sound forever. Thank you for all you gave us, from the bottom of my heart.

Kodi Osby says:

My condolences to the King family. I’m only 36 years old and I love Mr. King’s music. It is still better than most music out now. It is timeless their will never be another like him.

Riley “Blue Boy” King

Thank you, B.B. You have shown me the way to my feelings.

Jalen says:

This is so sad. I am so sad. We are all so sad.

Kim says:

Rest in Peace great man. Your music inspired and will continue to through the ages. Godspeed.

Ted Rice says:

The thrill is definitely gone.

Thank you, goodbye, and rest in peace.

Ted Rice

Billy Chinnock says:

BB King will always be the King of the blues. The man who gave the blues a classy reputation and a kind voice. You worked your way to the top. Nobody can replace you BB. You will never be replaced. Thanks, so much.

Darren says:

Very sad to hear you passed away. Very grateful for having met you and being able to shake your hand. Your spirit and music will live on!
Thank you B.B.

Peter Olsson says:

I will miss you so mush BB. You are the reason to why I discovered Blues music.

I know you are playing with the angles now.

KaKo says:

R.I.P Blues Boy… :(…

Ralf Wolferz says:

I´ts a sad Day but thanks for all your Music BB!
We will never forget you…

Stephanie Jolleen Brown says:

My condolences go out to the family. He was a great man. I love his music. I wish today’s generation could play like this. My daughter is 13 and plays the alto and tenor saxaphone and always pulling up music to play. She says she could see herself playing in a band like his. my prayers go out to the family in the toughest of times.

Dear B.B. King,

R.I.P. the king of blues!
I’m from Brazil and here we are very sad bcs we’ll not hear you playing the notes in your Lucille.
Now Lucille become ours. The magic sound of the king of blues will be living with us forever.
God save the Blues!!!
God save the King!!!


adelino lopes says:

Mais uma grande perca no mundo inteiro, grande homem que serviu de inspiração a muitos músicos descanse em paz

Bellaiche-Wagner says:


David Yisrael says:


His guitar playing influenced my guitar playing.


Margarete Emery says:

I missed a great chance to see him live some years ago. There was a contest outside a local mall by a radio station. The question was, “what was BB’s most famous hit song?” Of course, I knew it was The Thrill is Gone, and waved my hand in the air to answer like the geek I am! Of course, someone else shouted out the answer before I was “called on”, and they got the tickets!!

Damn, I always loved that man’s music – and so did my Dad who has already gone on to where Mr. King is now. I got my love of the blues from my Dad and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Thanks for all the good tunes, BB!
Rest in Peace,


joyce s says:

god save the king!!..rest in peace bb..u earned it

Walker Wright says:

RIP King of Blues… You will be missed.

Joshua Berry says:

i am at a loss for words. As crazy as it sounds, when I heard the tragic news, I began crying. I mean really crying. I grew up listening to his music and was savin money to see one of his shows…I finally saved the money to go this year. He reminds me of my daddy and I love that man more than life. I am sorry from my soul for your painful loss,

SR says:

I knew this day was coming, but still unbelievably sad. One of the greatest people that ever lived is gone from this earth. rest well, my King.

Joe Carpenter says:

God Bless Mr. King and his Family. R.I.P and Thank You King of the Blues.


Michael Bannasch says:

For me, B. B. King was one of the best blues musician ever – R.I.P – your music will never be forgotten.

Wallace R. Fish says:

My deepest condolences to his Family, friends and fellow musicians.

Although we never met, his influence upon my life was significant. In his music, and in the music of those he led me to, I found love, sorrow, redemption and a heart I never knew I had.

I will miss the very presence of his soul, here on Earth, knowing that he is with God, and showing Him really good riffs.

R.I.P. Brother

Tristan says:

His life’s thrill my be gone, but the influence he has had on me and thousands of others will never die.

Gerardo Vera says:

The thrill is gone… But even he’s still the boss. (RIP B.B. King)

Gee-M says:

So sorry to hear of Mr King’s passing. Such a wonderful performer and decent human being. He will live on through the music he has shared with us.
RIP and thank you.

joe michalek says:

simply, thank you

thank you for all the music and the good times forever associated with it, thank you for what you have done for and given to the world, and for the handshake that night after a show when you were tired and could have retreated into your backstage area

joe michalek says:

simply, thank you

thank you for all the music and the good times forever associated with it, thank you for what you have done for and given to the world, and for the handshake that night after a show when you were tired and could have retreated into your backstage area

joe michalek says:

simply, thank you

thank you for all the music and the good times forever associated with it, thank you for what you have done for and given to the world, and for the handshake that night after a show when you were tired and could have retreated into your backstage area

Alder Mike says:

The King is gone…

JOHN says:

The KING is gone…but not forgotten…RIP

frede says:

I am devastated by the passing of Mr. King. I am a Blues/Rock guitar player and Mr. King has always been a HUGE influence on my playing. The emotion and feeling he created with his playing and vocal was second to none. May his beautiful soul rest in peace.

With a heavy heart,

Cindy Chancellor says:

Rest in Peace. I have loved your music since the early 70s. Saw you in Florence, AL in 1973 or 1974. There were about 5 of us and we were the only white people there! Got to meet you and you gave me one of your blue picks with your name on it. Been to many more of your concerts and to your restaurant in Memphis. You will be sorely missed!

Cézar Nery says:

Mr King, one of the best moments of my life was watching their shows in São Paulo – Brazil. Rest in peace in the arms of God.

Aisha says:

My heart is very heavy on the loss of Mr.BB king, he wasn’t just a blues singer for me, he was a vision of a good ole fashioned soul. I watched him play several times over my life, starting at about 5 the last time with my 3 year old and family at 27. I was maybe 10 years old at a concert in California when everyone would run up to the stage and wait for necklaces and autographs, he was done and going to walk off the stage and I was yelling his name and just as he was turning to go he decided to come back and he gave me his last necklace that he just happened to be wearing. I’ve remembered that moment my whole life. My daughter remembered her experience very well and always talks about it, because he sang you are my sunshine! Big impact he has made around this world and he will forever live on through the blues.

Rick says:

The thrill is truly gone… thanks for all the years of great music.
You will live on through the vast influence of your gift.

Paul Potenza says:

God bless Mr. BB King and his family .
He was a wonderful artist and will continue to
fill our ears , our hearts and souls with his music
Forever and a day . Play the blues . Paul Potenza

Willard Turnbow says:

Yes, “The Thrill is Gone”. B. B. King’s passing was very sad news to discover this morning. His music was loved and appreciated by many including my wife and me and he will be missed. God Bless him and may he rest in peace.

No words, just your beautiful sound in my head forever! May GOD Bless You and Keep You in his Favor!

Val says:

Eternal rest unto him oh Lord & let perpetual light shine upon him.

Bruce Burnstin says:

God broke the mold, they’ll never be another.
Thank you so very much for sharing. R.I.P.

Jay Stover says:

I’m smiling right now, and thinking about this man who gave so much of himself through his music that I love so much. Thank you Mr. B.B. King. A Life Well Lived!!

Signed: A Blues Fan

Luis Matias says:

Simply the best. RIP.

Britt Mindes says:

RIP MR King…Lucille is now silent…

Bobby says:

I had the privilege and blessing to see BB King along with Bobby Blue Bland and Millie Jackson at the Apollo theater in 1999. I took my mother and two of her friends to that concert and we had a wonderful time. At one point I saw my mother cry when she heard a song sung by Bobby Bland because it reminded her of growing up in East Harlem as a teenager. (It was the first time my mother went to the Apollo in over 25 years – brought back a lot of memories for her.)

I was in awe watching Mr. King play and sing. It was one of the highlights of my life, along with seeing other blues greats like Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Vaughn and others around the same time.

He was an inspiration for me then as he is still now. Thank you so much for the memory and for all the music. He will be deeply, deeply missed by all of us – his family, his friends and his fans.

The thrill maybe gone, but the King will always reign.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with all of you. My heartfelt condolences and prayers are with you and your family.

Marco Olvera says:

Rest In Peace the king of blues, be his place between the stars for eternity.

we will miss you Ben.

Val says:

Eternal rest unto him oh Lord & let perpetual light shine upon him. The music in heaven is a little better today.

Michael Cole says:

RIP B.B. KING. You are a legend!

Jackie says:

RIP to BB King. May your soul rest and your music continue. Sing those Blues up in heaven. You will be missed! New generation of music lovers need to hear you!

Paul H says:

Thank you BB for all the music and cheer you have given everyone throughout your career. You will be sorely missed.

Willard Turnbow says:

Yes, “The Thrill is Gone”. B. B. King’s passing was very sad news to discover this morning. His music was loved and appreciated by many including my wife Ginny and me and he will be missed. God Bless him and may he rest in peace.

Joan Hudson says:

Privileged to see this wonderful man many times over the years – from New Orleans to Asheville, NC. RIP, BB.

Maria Elena Castillo says:

Your music touched our souls, your music legendary. now may you rest in peace, blessings to your family.

Jim Vaughn says:

Awoke this morning in our Colorado cabin – just another day – and learned of the news. Poof – sadness. Pretty cool that BB lived a life that could evoke such emotions! Saw him perform several times – Vegas, KC, Paris……so cool. He always had his smokin’ band play him on and off….I always wished for a job where they’d do that for me! Have a hunch there is a bass beat , jamming horns, and elegant dudes in tuxedoes performing in heaven today – announcing with pride, “Ladies and gentlemen – Mr B B KING!!!!!”

scott duncan says:

Very sad to hear that BB King passed away last night.How can you put into words what he meant to the world of music,his impact on traditonal blues can not be measured.There are very few bluesmen like him left,if any.Thank you for your music and the joy you gave all of us who love your music.We will love and miss you.

Gabby Hays says:

Prayers and Hugs to The King Family and Friends from another Mississippi Delta resident.

Your music will live on. God Bless his family.

Michael Apicella says:

With the passing of B.B. King the world of music has lost a true legend and a mentor to countless other musicians. We will always have his body of music as a reminder of what a legend he really was. I’ll miss his music and personality but I will always have his music. R.I.P. in Rock and Roll Heaven.

Angele B Nettles says:

Thank you to the family. You all supported such a wonderful man that knew how to sing to ones soul. I mourn for your loss and am very grateful you shared him with the masses. I Thank God for his existence and his Love of music.

gilles says:

Un génie qui va terriblement nous manquer ! Bon voyage et merci pour tout le bonheur que tu nous as apporter !!!!

Monicque Larocque says:

Rest in peace. Thanks for the years of musical listening pleasure. On my bucket list was to see B. B. King perform live, which I did at BBKings in downtown Memphis (where I live) about 4 years ago. I met his grandson on MATA in Memphis and I am thinking of him and his family at this time of loss.

Jason Harty says:

Like many people around the world I am sadened to hear about the passing of B.B. King. I had the pleasure of meeting him years ago and he was a true gentleman. To be able to still do what you love at the age of 89 is truly remarkable. He will truly be missed. RIP B.B. and Lucille.

Bill says:

Rest in Peace Mr. King. Today we all have the Blues. We will miss you!

roberto says:

R.I.P. Mr BBKing, thank’s a lot to be passed from here to leave us your music

Alex Beato says:

My most deepest and sincere condolences to Mr. King’s family.
B.B. King was always (and still is) a part of my life; i grew up listening to his blues, i learned (a lot) trying to play like him in my teens, and he has always been a big part of my music collection and my playlists… he was always there, his blues were always there, his unique presence was always there… and on this sad sad day for the blues world, i too feel as if i lost a family member. The king my have gone from this world, but his music will live for ever… the thrill will never be gone. May God bless and rest your soul.


Nikolaos Tsoukalas says:



Ben Bretel says:

What an influence BB King has been for me and my interest on music. Harvey Benjamin Bretel,II

Jose says:

Mí más sincero pésame a la familia una gran perdida, el Blues ya no será los mismo sin su Rey B.B. King

Ralph Stamm says:

Love you BB, always will and the millions of fans yet to hear you will love you. God bless the family of Riley B King and his band members past and present. Thank you for giving this hurtful world your beautiful, healing music. Blues has been my companion and it will be a more lonely path knowing you have left.

Glenn I says:

May you Rest in Peace

Donna says:

As long as we can continue to listen to BB’s wonderful music, the thrill will NEVER be gone. RIP Mr. King, you will be sorely missed.

Michael Markulin says:

I will miss you Mr king!!!! Rest in peace, go jam with Hendrix and Stevie Ray!

Miguel says:

Gracias por tanto…

steven says:

Rest in Peace B.B. you will be sorely missed!

Kentaro Eriksson says:

R.I.P King of the blues, and King of life.

Jason says:

Thank you for the many years of music. What a legend. You will be missed.

Ronald Black says:

My condolences to the entire BB King family during this difficult time. He was truly a legend. May he keep playing the blues in heaven. :)

Muschun says:

Sleep in peace, you’ll live on in the memories we have been fortunate to witness from your gifts, Thank you Mr. King. My warmest condolences to the family.

Kirk Simpson says:

Saddened to hear the passing of the great B.B. King. Along with the influencing of the great artists of our time… Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, etc… Mr. King was too a major influence to us larger group of unknown players as well. He was also a great uniter of races and cultural differences.
God bless him

Kathy Eichenberger says:

Each year I teach a Jazz Unit to my students at my elementary schools in Denver, Colorado. We enjoy learning about the Blues by watching BB King sing and play.
We send our thoughts and prayers in honor to Mr. King’s life!

dawn salois says:

good bye and thank you “Shoebootie,” and thank you for being a dad then best way you could. that is a man.

William Clarke says:

He will be missed.

I was like everyone who loved this man was very saddened to learn of B.B. King’s death. Condolences,deepest sympathy and prayers go out to his family.

God bless,

Catherine Meyers

Kuthro says:

1 of the best of the best Rip Mr BB King love5 to the family

Eric says:

RIP BB King.

A special memory for me will always be my wife and I’s first “date” after having our first child. We left her with the grandparents and went out to see BB King. It was great because not only was it our first night out in months, but it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. You could truly see a man doing what he was talented at and loved to do. I count it a great privilege that I got to see him in person.


Maxim says:

Rest in Peace Mr.B.B.

While listening the blues I will always remember you.

Peggy Webb says:

RIP B.B. King you’ve blessed us with your gift for a mighty long time. Gone but never forgotten.

Ade Ingate says:

Rest easy Mr King, and Lucille. Peace

Jason Stricklin says:

Now you’re resting in the Father’s arms. I can’t wait to hear what a heaven-built guitar sounds like in your hands. Thank you for sharing you gift with the world; it’s a better place with it.

jacob wilson says:

mr.king was my idol he is what made me to start singing

giorgio p says:

The Thrill is gone, Long Live to The King

Bob Sharp says:

Rest in peace!! The world will miss the man as well as his music!!

LINDA K. says:


Mick G says:

Thanks for the licks man, RIP

Bruce Taylor says:

I had the honor of meeting Mr. King at his hotel following a concert in Amsterdam in 1997. It was my thrill of a lifetime and an hour I will always remember and cherish.

He was a true gentleman, a wonderful representative of the human race and one of the finest musicians to ever grace this planet.

He will be rembered and missed.

Brian Conaty says:

Thanks for being born BB, and for giving the world such beautiful music. Most of all for being a good person.

Marc says:

Long Live the King!

Lisa Kessler says:

Most sincere condolences. Mr. King was a living legend. Although this amazing gentleman will be truly missed, I know that his life, his gift of music and his depth of spirit, will live on through the hearts and souls of his fans.

Patrick Bryan says:

Lucille has lost her voice…The world has lost a legend

Toni says:

I join millions in mourning the loss of this great musician who dedicated his life to sharing his gift and saving the blues. Thanks, B.B., for decades of entertainment. My condolences to his friends and family.

Kelton R Coppinger says:

Thank you Mr. King for the music and everlasting courage; you were an inspiration, an icon, an American legend, and your music will forever live in our hearts. Rest In Peace B.B., you and Lucille will never be forgotten!

CMuir says:

This is WEIRD. I was on this site last night reading that BB was in a hospice. I came here from his Wikipedia entry. And I went there because I was watching a performance on YouTube. And I was led to his YouTube performance from listening to some 60s folk – Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, etc. And especially to “Both Sides Now.” This was around the same time BB was dying. Karma?

I saw BB once in New Mexico and went to his club for breakfast in Memphis one Sunday for brunch. (I was living that “Walking in Memphis” song.)

Hey, BB, you rocked and rolled and gave your everything.


DebbeLynn says:

I was so glad to see you perform a few times. I will deeply miss you and hearing Lucille sing. God Speed B.B.

I agree…The THRILL is gone. Rest in peace Mr. King. Your music has been an inspiration for all of us, mainly guitarists, and it will be forever. Thanks Blues Boy!! see you around.

Sergio Vodopiviz
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jeff Dyer says:

I feel the same sadness I felt when my grandfather passed away. What an amazing life! My heartfelt condolences to his family and close friends.

Tapio Katajisto says:

The old generation will slowly but inevitably give way for the new one but the music will live on forever. Thank you so, so much. KIITOS!

Troy Semple says:

Godspeed BB. Thank you for all the blues and your gift to the world.

Alex Hickman says:

Nooooooo, why! best blues rock singer in history!

Steve serbins says:

One guy I never got a chance to see perform.Thanks for laying down the pavement for us inspiring musicians. RIP king!

Jason Rosselot says:

Lucille is in mourning. The King has passed on. I can hear him telling his story at the pearly gates now…”I heard the rats tell the bed bugs to give the roaches some…” singin’ with heavenly Father about the plight of the poor and downtrodden. RIP Mr. King

Henk Zwartepoorte says:

Music is a very important part of my life and you took always part of it.
Rest in peace king of blues.

Rest in peace B.B. King

Mark says:

God bless BB
We’ll see him again one fine day

Guy Ndongala says:

Que ton ame repose en paix. grand maitre de blues!

Courtney says:

So glad that I was able to see you play more than a few times in my lifetime & meet you once in person. You are such a gentleman! RIP Mr. King

Arman says:

B.B lead me to the true heart and soul of Rock and Roll, and opened up the world of blues to so many. Thank you, RIP Mr. King

Bill Haegele says:

A true living legend has passed, but his legend will live on. My wife and I saw BB many times over the years from Constitution Hall in DC to Wolf Trap, and lastly at The Birchmere in Alexandria VA where my wife and I had seats 6′ away from the King’s throne on stage. It was a night we will both remember forever. I also got his autograph, guitar pin/picks and a hearty handshake. I can still hear him playing.

Bill Haegele
Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, BB King: The Ultimate Guitar Trio

Mike from Tulsa says:

You met me when I was 15. You always took time to see me when you played close to Tulsa. When Reggie or Mel would come and say hes ready to see you big Mike; I just smiled. When i would visit with Buddy, and you both shared the bill, I love biddy and still cherish our time, I still jumped every time I was able to see my hero and my friend. Rest now, and I will make sure that your grave is kept clean. Love you B. Mike in Tulsa

Lantesel Melaku says:


Jim Hayes says:

Saw him at The Regal in Chicago in 72… Guess I didn’t hide ’em well enough as the doorman confiscated my two quarts of Strawberry Hill… His album was the second 8-track I bought. He’s still one of my favorites.
RIF in peace BB.

Chad Bird says:

God Bless you and your family!
Thank you for your kindness and for visiting with me when you came to Austin, Texas. Your music and words of wisdom and humor will be missed greatly.

Chad from Austin, TX

Lucas says:

I hope you to Rest In Peace I’m a big fan, from Argentina, heaven is a place with better music right now…

hector says:

Mis mas sinceros respetos, estamos ante la perdida de un icono de la música, una leyenda, una figura que nunca se perderá, ya que cuando suene una melodia de blue, BB King estará presente

Cello says:

I can´t describe how much this hurt,
but thank you for all the pleasure you gave us.

RIP Mr. King

Charlene Watkins says:

May Mr. King rest in peace!! His music will live on forever………………

Rest in peace Riley. You have given the world so much. You will be missed. Thank you for having been a part of my life journey. Meeting you was a ‘thrill’ and now it is ‘gone’. Angels be with you.

Mary Smith Timmerman says:

Mr BB King had and has a blues sound like no other on this God given Earth. To hear BB live with his band and Main Lady “Lucille” for true set our souls back generations. “Our Roots!” We Love you MR BB KING ! always&forever ! We Love you MISSISSIPPI KINFOLK ! We Love you MEMPHIS !

Lonney Butler says:

So saddened today to hear of the passing of B.B King. Mr.King brought respect and attention to the blues in a way no other artist has. Truly the best blues shouter and guitarist ever known. Always friendly and gracious the world is a much poorer place now that B.B has left it. Rest in the assurance B.B that you brought peace and joy to the world for many years. You will be missed my friend.

Kyr says:

“Although, I’ll still live on…”

Mike Murphy says:

I started listening to Mr. King in the mid-sixties. Already a guitar player, I was completely taken by the power of BB’s music. I worked and saved until I had enough to buy a used Gibson 335 in cherry red to help me channel his music. I want to thank Mr. King for starting my life-long passion for the blues and heaven now has another “Sweet Little Angel”

Jana says:

thank you BB! I was introduced to you by my father in 1966, he told me I would never hear more important music…Now you and Ray can jam again!

Tony George says:

I was fortunate to see the King of the Blues perform live four times. Mr. King’s music is what sparked my blues interest in the 90s. Referring to him as a legend still does not completely describe the man. Rest in peace.
Tony George, St. Peters, MO

Dave Blakey says:

So sad to hear this news – my thoughts and prayers are with his family.
I’ve loved listening to his music and watching him perform.
His music will live on forever!

Brian says:

Rest in peace B.B. King.
Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.
You will forever be in my memories.

You are greatest blues man thank you for everything you are a great entertainer

I am sure BB & Lucille are the head liner on the big stage in heaven. It was always a pleasure working for the Master and his band over the years. My daughter (at time 6) and I will never forget the show we worked at Valley Forge Music Fair in PA where he saw Stephanie and pulled her up on stage made a few comments about the future of young listeners and gave her a Lucille pin off his jacket.

So many regional sound companies, as well as venues and promoters have had the pleasure of providing support for his shows, and the blues will always remember

“BB King is in town”

My deepest sympathies’ to the King Family and to the Band.

J. Walter Mosetter, CEO
Philly Sound

ivan says:

From France. Thank you Mr BB king. Your music is so beautiful. I am so happy when I hear your music. Your art will be eternal. Good bye…Ivan

Annette Vigil says:

B.B. played at Mile High Stadium in Denver back in the 70s. I was only 17 but was instantly impressed with his performance and I became a fan that day. Today, I am 56 and my memories of that concert and other concerts featuring him will live on. There will never be another B.B. May God Bless Mr. King and his family and fans during this difficult time.

Ronald Carpenter says:

We are going truly miss him
and Louise.
Ronald Carpenter
Guardian of the Earth Foundation
Las Vegas NV

Florian H. says:

Rest inpeace my everlasting hero! It was for you that I learned how to play the guitar. It was your Blues that helped me stand pain and sorrow in the darkest moments of my life! I am proud of having been able to testify your extra-ordinary skills in 1992, 1998 and 2010 in Germany.
You will always be a part of me personality my fried! I cry a tear for you!


Leonardo says:

Ci mancherai….

David taylor says:

The passing of the greatest blues guitarist who has left us with so many memories. He lived and played his passion until he could no more. The end of an era. Farewell .

Tony Gajkowski says:

I’ve seen Mr. King 3 times in the Buffalo, NY area. I introduced his music to many of my friends and they thank me for it. He will truly be missed in the music world and in every day life. Blues music has lost one of the greatest. RIP BB you will be missed.

So many great memories, such great performances. I saw BB many times all over the country. I am sad today. Gid has a new guitarist and we are left with the Blues.
Thank you BB, thank you.

Mark Galantis says:

Rest in peace my friend..

I grow up with your guitar,and your luscious reading of your voice..

I learned to play the blues from you and i thank you for this..I hope to see you some day when the angels learn from you what the Blues mean..

Daniel (BsAs, Argentina) says:

Dios quiere escuchar blues…se llevo al mejor. Gracias Maestro por tu musica, que ya es eterna.

Edith Hall says:

What a wonderful man of Blues.
U shall be msed.
Love and peace to his family and love one’s.
Love ya
Gone but not forgotten.

ken barrier says:

Lucille has been silenced today, god speed Mr. BB King, the greatest bluesman that has ever lived!

David Kucera says:

I have seen BB King too many times to count over the years including the opening of The BB King museum & performance at The Ebony in Indianaola, MS standing only a feet away from him. I met and talked with him several times through the years. What a loving and caring man! You will always be in my heart & I pray that you are at rest in the care of our Lord. What an ambassador of the blues. You lived your crown well. Now you wear the crown of life. May His peace be years. I will miss you dearly! My love to you and your memory. David

Michelle Taylor says:

A legend before his time. B.B King will be sorely missed. Listened to his music with my daddy. R.I.P.

Stefannie Wheat says:

You will be missed.

Emily Koeppel says:

I want to express my condolences on the passing of Mr. King While working as a Customs Enforcement Officer at JFK I had the pleasure of meeting him and talking to him for an extended period of time What a wonderful man May he RIP

Keith Daniel says:

Where will funeral services be held?

Albert says:

Thank you for all the emotions you’ve been giving us for decades. Your legacy is priceless and your legend will inspire musicians to come. May you rest in peace.

wayne cray says:

sending our heartfilled codolences to mr kings friend\s and family. the world has suffered anirrepairable loss today and he will be remebered. i wrote to mr king a few weeks ago for an\ autograph as i am diagnosed with type 2 diabetes as well and wanted to add a legends auto to my collection, i grew up listening to mr king and will remember always. sadly i feel hemay not have got my letter in time. my collection which iuse as therapy for my illnesses will suffer ggreatly without him. again i pray the family gets these prayers and understands what mr king ment to me. god bless and keep his new angel.

Billy says:

BB introduced me to blues (along with my dad) and taught me to embrace my inner blues man. You continue to live in me and others.

Plínio Marques Júnior says:


cheryle says:

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Mr. B.B. King. The thrill is gone but his music lives on! Missing you much! Rest in paradise.



Farewell B.B. You were a huge influence, and a wonderful person. I really enjoyed your music, and our conversations.

Adam St. James, Editor, Guitar.com

Mark Newton says:

I just wanted to say that I am praying for B.Bs family and friends and that the world is just a little less musical today.God be with you B.B I love you dear friend

Rob says:

The music world has lost a true legend. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. King and his family. Imagine what todays blues music would be without the likes of Eric Clapton, Jonny Lang, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Jeff Beck and Duane Allman who were all inspired by the late great B.B. King. It’s now up to all of us to ensure that your music is enjoyed for generations to come.
God rest your soul, you will surely be missed.

Jeff Propst says:

Saw BB in Columbia, MO back in the early 1980s. One of my favorite concerts. Thank you for giving me a love of the blues.

LusciousTEBF says:

Your pain is over. The thrill may be gone, but never forgotten. ♥

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation.”
~ Aristotle

Lynette says:

Thank you, B. We are forever in your debt and you will not ever be replaced. Thank you for coming out to little old Bend, Oregon at the LSA. What a show. Oh, how sweet is the music in heaven now.

Roberto França Teixeira says:

Thank you for your music, Mr. King.

Michael says:

Rest in peace, the “King of the Blues”, your music quieted my soul in troubled times and move my spirit in good times!

carrie says:

What a legend to lose. My heart goes out to BB’s family. Have fun up there on the night shift, BB.

Gert-Jan Smit says:

Dear Mr. B.B.
Thanks for all the good you gave us.
I love you

TK Holter says:

I’d been following Mr.King since my first concert in the early 70’s at Orhestra Hall in Mpls.
Since then a concert at the Minnesota State Fair in the 80’s – he was always brilliant!

To my suprise I found his passing today..my condolences to his Family and Friends.
He will not be forgotten..

susan davis says:

The world was a better place because of you Mr. King.
Your debts are paid.
See you on the other side.

Charlie Davis says:

B.B. King was my friend. Though I have not met him personally, his kindness and honesty permeated through his character as well as his music and made me feel as though I was welcome to sit and talk with him anytime. My fellow Mississippian will be missed but will remain a legend to me and everyone who will ever hear his words.

Leslie Sacia says:

RIP Mr. King…..you will be missed

claudio says:

mis mas sentidas condolencias al rey del blues….y en especial a su familia

Frank Tillery says:

B.B. King was responsible for my falling in love with the blues when I was very young. From the old vinyl records I have to the latest CD’s his recordings were never disappointing. I wish I had been able to see him performing when he was younger, but I did finally see him in Nashville at the Old Ryman Hall. My then 13 year old son went with me and now he appreciates the blues. He and I will always have the memory of seeing B.B. perform. One of my favorite albums he made, which my college room mate and I wore out, was Take It Home. Last night B.B. did just that – He took it home.

Steven Canterbury says:

The man is gone, but the thrill lives on!; forever in your film and video and sound recordings. Godspeed B.B. King. We love you and we miss you.

Brian McFarlane says:

Today Heaven has a new guitar player. While he will be missed on earth, his music will live forever.

Paul Van Valkenburg says:

A true gentleman with a sweet sound that will live forever. Long live the King.

Bill Holton says:

I was blessed with the opportunity to see BB King perform on stage twice in my lifetime. I am not a big concert attendee fan but if BB was in town I had to see him. I miss him already.

Tim Baran says:

I have been a guitar picker since 1964, and BB King was a hero. He style was all his own and I was lucky enough to see him live a couple of times in Buffalo NY. I stole a lot of licks from him, because he was the MAN!
I am heartbroken.

My sincere condolences.

Tim Baran
Bflo NY

Mark says:

Thank you Mr. King for sharing your life and talents with us. God bless you.



BB King was such a mainstay of blues that it seemed as if he would always be here. I am sad to hear of his passing. I will miss knowing that he is out there playing the blues, but I take comfort knowing that he has inspired so many others to carry on. Rest in peace, Mr. King.

Shay Atik says:

RIP Mr. King. You were a legend.

mick says:

Sorry to hear if the passing of a great man …

Hugh says:

Very sad news today. Thank you for sharing your great gift with the world. We will miss you x

Vladiimir says:

Thank you


Jerry S says:

I was afraid someone would use that line to describe Mr. King’s passing.

Fortunately for us left behind, Mr. King’s music ensures the thrill will NEVER be gone. Thank you Mr. King, for sharing your gift with so many, for so long.

RIP Mr. King, but I don’t think you’ll be resting any time soon. Muddy, the Wolf, Robert Johnson, Stevie Ray and a host of others have been waiting to jam with you for a long, long time.

Enjoy your session, you deserve it!

Arie Taal says:

Rest in peace “Sweet Little Angel”

Rip,Mr king, your music got me though some bad times in my life.i was on the verge of committing suicide and I heard you music in the back round.
Will miss you

Harisye Dāsa Adhikāri says:

<3 i CRiED when the KiNG was gone
SíRTAM, amikor a KiRÁLY elment :-(

Good Way "Dad"! God Bless You!
Jó Utat "Papa"! Isten Áldjon! <3

no Word, no Space, no Time, just the Pain!
nincs Szó, nincs Tér, nincs Idő, csak a Fájdalom! _/\_ :-(((

See You Later, Master Blues Boy King!

Annie Brodus says:

This is truly a hurting thing for me, I felt as if I lost a family member…Mr. King was such a beautiful person and always the same every time I saw him…One of truly the greatest person anyone could ever want in their life…I will miss you B.B.King, your music will always keep you with us…I LOVE YOU….

robinet denis says:

Sad day for the world of Blues.In France to we are very unhappy.


Nicole Young says:

My father Joe Bihari worked with BB for years. I knew him well. He was a very kind man and just the best guitar player period. I will forever miss him.

My best wishes and prayers are with his family and friends at this time.

We have truly lost one of the greatest.

Nicole Bihari Young

Ronny says:

We miss you Mr King ! thank you! from Argentina.
Send greetings to Pappo please ! and enjoy the heaven Blues …

Larry Demoret says:

I have seen BB King in concert many times. There is one memory that stands out that I want to thank him for. Several years ago I took my daughter of around 10-12 to see Mr.King. She was already familiar with his music and she had a great time. At the end of the show when he was handing out the usual trinkets, my daughter wanted to go up to the stage.I let her go since we were only a few rows back and I could keep an eye on her. She made her way to the stage and put up her little arm as to beckon to Mr. King. She seemed lost in the crowd. Mr. King looked over the people and saw her. He reached over other people to hand her a necklace. She ran back to our seats with the biggest smile. We still have that necklace and my daughter loves BB King, the blues and tons of other music. Today my daughter is 24 years old. Today my daughter cried. RIP

Andrew says:

RIP Mr. King. Thanks for the music, Thanks for inspiring!

Israel Cabrera says:

Una gran perdida sin duda, pero un grandisoso legado musical de este magnifico maestro del sentimiento, de la música, de las cuerdas de Lucile, y un gran simbolo de admiración para mi.

Abrazo a quienes estubiesen a su lado hasta el final, y él seguira viviendo en todos los discos que nos ha regalado.

Hasta siempre B. B. King

Annette Dlask says:

Rest in Peace My friend you shall be Dearly Missed You sir are a Legend And will Not be Forgotton!!!

Madison Sink says:

I am so heartbroken I can not think of anything else.

Oliver Ziff says:

Giving all respects to B.B. King, his family, and all those close to him. Saw him 5 years ago at the Santa Cruz Blues Festival and he put on a great show, showed a warmth of personality while playing some great guitar. Will miss him – his legacy lives on.

Orlando Maxwell says:

He was a good blues singer and he truly be miss

Paul Medina Rodriguez says:

God bless you with his light! Thanks for giving sense to my life by listening to you. Your voice and your Lucille will always be lightening my life. Rest In Peace B.B. KING.

Fatima Fernandes says:

I deeply regret the death of Mr. King. He was the greatest bluesman of all times. But his spirit and his musical legacy will remain forever.
Thank you Mr. King for all you gave us.
Your longer admirer from Angola, Fátima.

Fatima Fernandes says:

I deeply regret the death of Mr. King. He was the greatest bluesman of all times. But his spirit and his musical legacy will remain forever.
Thank you Mr. King for all you gave us.
Your longer admirer from Angola, Fátima.

Russ Houck says:

I’ll miss you B.
Thanks for everything. I’ll always cherish the Lucille you signed for me.

john muller says:

the muller family sends our love and our condolences to the family of B. B. King – we celebrate the life of a remarkable entertainer – a humble man – whose love for both the music – his love , Lucille – and the fans worldwide – certainly have made him an icon – B. B. ‘ s music will always be there for us – and he has brought the blues into the heavens –
Thank you , Mr. King , for keeping us in good company for decades –

I have been a fan of BB’s for 40 years. His tunes helped me thru my own blues. o His music also brought joy to me. I was very fortunate to have gone to 3 of his concerts. I am saddened by his passing, but am consoled that he lived a long and prolific life. He will be missed, but his music will live on forever

Jay Tassone says:

I am so sad and will miss you … rest in peace … jay

Jon0 says:

Our hearts are broken with his passing, but we rejoice in the memories he left us, and in knowing where he went to!

Our prayers go out o his family and friends.

With love, Jon & Beth, Chicago

Scott of Melbourne Australia says:

For those of us who have enjoyed the beauty encapsulated by Blues guitar playing we surely must all declare that today we have lost the Master. We loved and respected the difference that Riley made and the joy he gave worldwide. R.I.P. big man you will never be forgotten. Everyday I have the Blues !

Dena Fitch says:

God Bless your legacy Mr. King

Gernot Schlager says:

The King is gone, but the thrill of his music will ever stay. Thank you very much and rest in peace, my musician friend.

Joey Santos says:

Our King of The Blues is now peacefully at rest with Our King of Kings. You will be missed, but your gift of music and The Blues will live on forever! Thank you.

Heather Dodd says:

Our youngest daughter got her first guitar at the age of 14. Since that day she has been playing the blues and loves B.B. King. She is an old soul that loves the blues. Stephanie went with her dad to see B.B. King at the National Arts Center here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She will always cherish that night. When Stephanie heard of B.B. Kings passing last night she tossed and turned all night unable to sleep knowing the world has lost a beautiful soul. His music and the person B.B. was, means so much to her. She is so thankful to have seen him in concert. God bless your soul B.B. Heaven has an angel that we will always remember and cherish. Your music will live on in the young people like Stephanie who love you and your music B.B. King. Rest in peace….. H. Dodd, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Christoph says:

My heart feel like crying when i hear today at the news that the king of blues gone from this world.

I hope that he has a good place in heaven and at every bright sunny day he says to us i hope i live forever and you a day to.

Greetings from Austria

Crunchy Mama says:

Another Motown great. Thank you for the music, Mr King.

Emilio says:

Gracias por la mistica, la pasion y la inspiracion. QEPD Genio.

Thanks for the mystical , passion and inspiration. RIP Genius.

Greetings from Argentina

Charity says:

Mr. King! Truly, truly, a legend, and myself at 20 years old, I am so glad and thankful to God to have discovered your music long before now and enjoy you while you were here. YOU will forever live on, especially in my heart and in my music playlists always. Praying for your family, as you sir, have made your transition into heavenly peace. Love you sooo much and so thankful and appreciative of the HUGE influence you had on me and all of us through your life and music. God Bless you all. Much Love.

GERARD says:

Dear B.B. King.
Rest in peace, you were really a king, not only by making your exciting music but also by your way of living !
I will not forget you and keep listening to your music !!
Gerard, from the Netherlands.

nate says:

Will be missed but his music, legend will never die!!

Lee Antle says:

A big man with a big heart. The thrill is gone and we will certainly miss you B.B. Here’s to keeping the Blues groove alive.

Doug MacNamara says:

I am praying for Mr. King and his family and am sorry for their troubles.

kelly says:

rip BB thank you for all you’ve done for us

¡Larga vida al rey!

Jim McVeigh says:

I loved you from afar. I saw you as a young boy in Ireland many years ago and, in a time of great personal strife, you brought me a sense of hope and that, maybe, there was a chance for me too. May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Daniele says:

Ti ho conosciuto attraverso i tuoi dischi e le interviste.
Mi hai consegnato l’amore per il blues ed io te ne sarò sempre grato.
buon viaggio.

Mr. King’s music and influence will live on until the end of time. His life will be celebrated daily by musicians, music lovers, and his family. We will miss him dearly.

Brisset says:

oh BB.

.. I think about you. I saw you in Paris!.a Great Moment.

I Love you forever.

God bless you !

Pascal from France

Marc says:

You will always remain in our heart as the best, the one who made us love and play this music
Rest in peace

Rob McCoy says:

My condolences to the King Family.
While we cry Heaven will smile.
BB joins Freddie and Albert now.
Three kings in heaven.

lafayette claiborne says:

The Best of the Best Rest in Peace.

Franz Muñoz says:

A true gentleman. It was an honor to be able to see you, thank you BB! RIP

Wanda Taybron says:

God bless the family and friends of Mr. King during this difficult time. I was fortunate to see him perform a couple of times before he became ill. I will never forget such a wonderful experience. I’ll always remember how he took the time to greet as many of his fans after the show even though he was obviously exhausted. Thank you Mr. King for sharing your gift with the world. Heaven’s Band just got a new member.

Ken Donohue says:

God Bless You, Mr. King…!!!

The World was a better place with you in it…

Jameel Battle says:

Words fail me. Mr King has been the greatest BLUES guitar player in the last 50 years…listen to BLUES is King.

Nate Padilla says:

I never listened to the blues much, but I respect you and everything you have done for the world of music. I feel great sorrow anytime we lose such a beloved human being. I hope you rest well, King.

Rest in peace King, you didn’t die young like other rockstars; but you could have stayed a little longer. Your music will live forever in our hearts and minds. Thank you for introducing me to the blues music, you’re one of the greatest and will be surely missed.

Karl says:

A true King of Blues has left us.

A million thanks for your music and inspiration.

Rest in peace B.

Martin Ebner says:

There is nothing more to say than a little prayer and a silent “Thank you Mr King” – “Thank’s”.
And I personly know that his life is a remarkable point in the history of music.

Mercella Dupas James says:

Rest In Paradise Mr. King…your music will forever live on.

So very sorry to hear of the death of Mr. King. We have common roots in the Delta of Mississippi and Memphis, TN. Sending prayers and good thoughts to his family, staff and friends as plans are made to celebrate the life of the undisputed King of the Blues and a Prince of a person. I had the privilege to meet him some years ago and he graciously remembered or pretended to remember my family in Inianola. We shall miss him!
There will never be his kind again.

Reverend Dr. Alvin O’Neal Jackson, Senior Pastor
Park Avenue Christian Church
1010 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10028
212-288-3246 / 10128

Martin Ebner says:

Ther is nothing more to say than a little pray and a silent “Thank you Mr. King”, “Thank’s”.
I know that he is a remarkable point in the history of music.

julie egger says:

I am a music teacher in West Alameda, California. My kids are very diverse and economically low. We studied “The Thrill is Gone” and then learned how to play the Blues. these are elementary children, 4th and 5th grade. My goals were to teach the children how to play together, how to listen and be in the zone. They did a concert last week, we dedicated it to BB King and every child (66 of them) were in the zone during their performance. i want to thank BB King for his inspiration. this morning, many of them knew he had died and we will talk about it in class. Thank you so much for his wonderful inspiration. My students, hopefully, will always remember him and the blues. Julie Egger

adam hart says:

we will miss you b. legendary is not enough of a term to describe what you have done for this world. may you ring out blues notes for eternity <3

Heath Balsterholt says:

RIP. ..You will be missed by millions of people who love your music. Especially me. Your an inspiration to many and a hero to me. Thanks for the years of timeless music

Randy Harwood says:

RIP Mr. King! Now you are Riding with the true King!

J.P. Raymond de Rivarola says:

The King never died
Respect and thank’s to the Great King of blues for his fantastic music
This man was a generous man.
Peace to Lucille.

Amanda says:

May he sleep in peace and God bless his soul.

The last time I saw him in San Francisco he treated me as we had known each other forever. Asked me what songs I liked and he played it at the open air concert. He made me feel special while he was “THE KING”!

His guitar must feel very lonely today.

Condolences to his family members and his other huge family of fans.

Edward Demetry says:

So sad today. A great source of light and inspiration and joy and life. We lost a great human being and one of the most talented, devoted and authentic artists of modern times. may he rest in peace.

G Gray says:

Sincere thoughts and condolences to family and friends…. He can`t be replaced…. And shall not be forgotten….

donnaburnette says:

it’s a sad day, the king of blues is gone but not forgotten

Fula Eric says:

Time seems too long sometimes… But when persons like King leave this world, it seems too short… All my prayers for your family king…

donnaburnette says:

it’s a sad day, the king of blues is gone but not forgotten

L Foster says:

We done lost our good thing, now. God speed Mr. King. I loved the way his guitar underscored his voice, and he could fill the air with just his own sound.

Kevin D. Moakley says:

May you have fair seas and following winds,the world is a richer place because of your gift of music that you blessed us with. Godspeed,Sir and farewell.

Logan Byrd says:

BB was not only an inspiration, but an inspiration to my other inspirations. He was a father of the blues guitar and a foundation of a lot of music today. I pray The Lord lets me play with him when it’s my time. But right now at 17 I am trying to keep this blues alive, and every note that comes out of my guitar for now on will be for you BB. Love you with all my heart and rest easy King.

Martin Duizendstra says:

RIP, BB King and my condolences to family and all the friends, God bless them all.

Jim Howell says:

Thank you for your music B.B. – You’ll be missed. God bless you






Michael says:

I have enjoyed his music for 50 years, saw him several times in concert, a wonderful musician and man. He will be missed.

C J Camp says:

I will miss you. The music world is a smaller place today. God bless you and keep you. I pray that you’re in the BIG PRAISE BAND now playing a command performance. You were a man with HEART. God loves you, my friend.

Cody English says:

I had the Honor to sit and play with B.B., you didn’t call him Mr.King..wile playing a show in Memphis. A True Legend has gone but not forgotten.

Gary Glanz says:

When my youngest son was 12, so quite a few years ago, we sat on the lawn at St. Michelle vineyards and concert venue in Woodinville, WA, in lawn chairs under a blue tarp in pouring rain, listening to BB perform. He and Lucille were in top form. My boy was so enthralled that after the concert we stopped to buy a poster showing BB as a young man. That poster still hangs on my son’s wall now that he is a young man, and he, and I, still turn to BB when we’re blue. Like today. Riding with the King, indeed. Thank you, Riley. Thank you very, very much.

Robert Rooney says:

God bless and thank you for all the music that has influenced my life.

Annie Pittman says:

Mr. King will surely be missed. My heart and prayers goes out to the family and remember the thrill is not gone.

David Elisabeth McClure says:

Rest in Peace ol timer and thanks for the tunes

Denise says:

So very sad, such a great loss to the world. I’m glad his passing was peaceful. One of the best moments of my life was seeing BB live and his singing You Are My Sunshine. Deepest sympathy to his loved ones.

Sheila Davis says:

Bittersweet today….heartbroken at his passing, yet so very grateful for all his music has brought to my life, and the opportunities to see him perform….prayers for his family and extended family….Peace to all

Dennis Bibbs says:

Rest in peace, my friend. I met B.B. in 1990 at the Hollywood Bowl, Ventura Theater and in San Juan Capistrano, California. He was a great musician and it was such a privilege to meet, greet and watch a legend play. Great man, great musician and most of all, “a wonderful angel”. Thanks for the memories.

Carsten says:

I’m not surprised but very very very sad about BB King died.
But I have my memories to wonderful concerts with him. Last time I listened to him was in Luxemburg – Esch. I was sitting in the first row and he asked me to sstand up and show him my BB King T-Shirt because it is an very old one.
BB King, I will take comfort in listening to your Music.
Carsten Ettlingen/Baden/Germany

Roberto says:

Very sad news!!

Barry Pequita says:

The thrill will never be gone BB. R.I.P.

Marcia Castillo says:

I was so happy to watch him preform at the Paramount theater in Oakland,it was wonderful. My love to his family for having such a legend to be shared.

claudia says:

thank you for the music.

with deep respect and love

Kellee Ross says:

Such said news to hear this morning when I awoke. I had the great pleasure to see Mr. King perform at Wente Winery in Livemore, CA a few years back. He did not disappoint. My condolences go out to his family and all his fans. Today, we have lost a legend!

Andreas Brietz says:

The thrill is gone…..

Nishad says:

We will miss you King!! you were truly a King of Blues. The whole world will miss you. Rest in peace.

Charles J Owens says:


Bummel says:

Thank You BB

Feliz Sanchez says:

We miss you for ever.Thanks you for your live and your unforgettable music. We and Lucille love you

Sherie Phillips says:

My thoughts and prayers to family. Mr King was a music legend.

Bvepfepfe Matewu says:

A life well lived with great archievements.
Rest in peace BB.

Chris Rosendahl says:

God Be with you
Rest in peace
May God rest your sole.

Leonardo Becker says:

After the tears have dried and the goodbyes have been said, all we have to hold onto are the happy memories that we’ve shared with our loved ones who have passed, this is what keeps them alive in our hearts and in our minds, and they will continue to live on, through us. My condolences. Thank you so much of your fans from Brazil.
Requiescat in pace B.B. KING!

Here’s to a life well lived. You will be sorely missed. May your heaven be filled with plenty of Lucilles

Federico Borjes says:

Rest in peace Mr. King, Thank you for your music and inspiration!

Leonardo Becker says:

After the tears have dried and the goodbyes have been said, all we have to hold onto are the happy memories that we’ve shared with our loved ones who have passed, this is what keeps them alive in our hearts and in our minds, and they will continue to live on, through us. My condolences.Thank you so much of your fan from Brazil.
Requiescat in pace B.B. KING!

Kevin Thomas says:

Thank you Sir for sharing your music with so many. A talented and humble musical giant in the past, present and future.

Rest well BB.

Gabriele Pelissetto says:

R.I.P. Blues Boy. You were THE BEST. Thanks for your music

Tony French says:

For any one who plays guitar will know we have lost a grand master today… RIP BB you was an inspiration.
And if there is a heaven it will be rocking !!!

Marnee says:

Prayers for Mr. King’s family as they grieve and mourn the loss of their loved one. Since I was little I’ve enjoyed Mr. King’s music and, like so many others, felt as if his music touched my soul somewhere deep inside. I am grateful for all he left behind in his notes and words.

My condolences to you all

Marnee Alfson
Vancouver, WA

DaVe Ureña says:

A wonderful musician an a better performer; Mr. King left his soul music in this beautiful planet and carried his soul to music may be in heaven.

Alberto Rodrigo Arias says:

Descanza en paz, tu genialidad la recordaremos toda la vida que nos queda, tu legado musical sera eterno, gracias BB por tanto talento.

David Ricci says:

My deepest sympathy goes out to the great Mr. King and his family. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Your musical talents you shared with the world will be enjoyed for generations and will be a constant reminder of your humble greatness. May the almighty god bless you.

Mariann Brown says:

Thankful for his music – remembering him.

Michael Klaver says:

I am lucky. I am lucky to have seen you live in Vancouver BC. I am lucky enough to have visited your home town and Museum this past December. I am lucky enough to have heard and loved your music. Thank you for your gift to the world and may you rest eternally in Peace. The thrill may be gone, but the legend, and his music, lives on……….

kimberley huff says:

bb, you will live on forever, and continue to be the king of the blues!!!
one in a million~~~

Renato says:

Mr. King,

Your music has deeply touched me during a period of time when I thought not much could touch my hearth so deeply and for your gift, I thank you very much…
No words could express my emotions while listening to your music, which will leave forever.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the rest of us.

Wish all the best to yours, rest in peace.
“I am going to play this thing, until the day I die…”… mission acomplished Mr. King.

With love,

Pete Shoemaker says:

Rest in peace BB. You may have left this work for eternal rest but your music will live on in us.

B.B. will be greatly missed.His music will be enjoyed by all until the end of time.
I will be dedicating my weekly Blues radio program to the life and music of B.B. King.
My program, “Nothin But The Blues”, airs live every Saturday from 4 to 8pm on KUNV 91.5 FM and streams live at http://www.kunv.org.(The Community Supported, Broadcast Service of UNLV)
My prayers are with the King family.
All my best.
Brian “The Blues Dr.” Spencer

John Shelde says:

None better.

rest in peace king of the blues . yours mine and earl klugh all share sept 16th as our birthday.

Harold Clark says:

The thrill is gone…
Rest In Peace.
HC Clark-U.S. Navy Retired CPO
GLen Burnie, Md.

Amy Reau says:

Prayers are sent from my heart to the family. He was the best and will always be in my thoughts. The world is a better place because of him. The heavens will be rocking.

Jay Rozelle says:

Rest in Peace Mr. King. You have been a great influence and inspiration to me. Your impact on music is enormous and will last forever. God Bless You.

Norm Hall says:

Rest in Peace Mr. King. You will be greatly missed.

Jerry Baiden says:

B.B. King. The greatest influence on my playing. I love you (but you know I could be jivin’ too). It was quite a journey on earth. May your next be as compelling.

Jerry Baiden

Elizabeth H. says:

thank you for sharing…..The Thriss may be gone – but the music will live on.


I Mourn the loss of Mr. King, one of a kind.
I saw him when i was very young at a club on South Stoney island in Chicago, the Chaparral I believe. I’ve seen him a dozen times since.
I’ll pray for him and his family, I know I’ll see him again…

Jennifer Dixon-Clark says:

Rest In Peace BB

Brandon Redmond says:

Im a 37 yr old guy who’s loved Mr. Kings work…. I was heart broken when I learned of the passing of the King. My condolences to all his family and all the fans from around the world…I will never forget this date because May 14th was my daughters Sweet 16 birthday. …wow… what a coincidence

Robin & Kurt Jones says:

We have seen you numerous times in Jacksonville, FL and you will be greatly missed. Glad you went peacefully! You were a blessing to many. RIP

lekien says:

My name is Kien. I live in Viet Nam, far away from the US, far away from the greatest Blues. I also was born in the place that no one knew who was BB King or what was blues music. I knew about you, about your music quite late than people in the US. But at the first time I’d heard the first blues note from you, I knew thats what I was going to listen to and playing it for the rest of my life. Rest In Peace sir. I always looked up to you and I always will. You do not know how your music means to me!

Alejandra says:

Rest in peace,King of the Blues. Thank you very much for the wonderful music you gave us from the bottom of your heart. Thanks for all the times you came to Argentina and played together with Pappo. You’ll always be in my heart. Thank you!!!!

Eddie says:

God bless the King! RIP BB!

Willene Leffall says:

He was such a legend in his time. We will truly miss his music and the artist that he was.

Mike Riddell says:

We’ve lost an American icon and ambassador. He will be greatly missed.


thanks for let me start to play the guitar at 60 years old!
i saw you at Broadway in 2000,what a show.
May your sound give happiness to God!
amos sordi

Wayne Spikes says:

Thank you for “The Thrill” what a Ride!

John says:

The world has lost the King of the Blues abd will be bluer for it RIP B B King I’m grateful I managed to attend your concerts
Thank You

Lucas Vicentini says:

My main reference of the blues, R.I.P Mr B.B. King and Every Day I Have The Blues!Brazil loves you!

Larry says:

Will miss the great sounds of Lucille, may she rest in peace with him.

Cliff Maddix says:

Thank you Mr. King, for your beautiful spirit you shared with us all these years and for lighting the way for all.

Alistair says:

R.I.P. B.B.King

David Bradbury says:

A little of all of us has passed with Mr King. He was a larger part of the human race and we are all so much poorer for his passing. Heaven has gained a giant of humanity.

Artur Luis Barbosa says:

Our Trhill is gone. By B.B.

Artur Luis Barbosa says:

Our Trhill is gone. Bye B.B.

David A. Martinez says:

I learned to play guitar by listening to some of your old records. I played them over and over and over and listened to every note. Although I never met you in person, THANK YOU for teaching me how to play guitar. I will miss you so much. Thank you BB King!!!!

Ali says:

Thank you, for touching us all with your heart, strengths & gifts…indelible. I am so thankful to have experienced your gift in this lifetime. Heaven is lucky to have you Home!

Willy Torfs says:

Mr king

i will thank you for al those years,of beautyfull music.

Bob Helfant says:

I hear BB’s notes in every guitar player who touches on the blues. Thank you for all the great music and all the fabulous shows.

Craig Skelly says:

The best ever… the biggest heart, the brightest soul, the boldest sound. My life is better because of you BB King and the thrill will never be gone! Love, Craig

Brent Rosenthal says:

Thank you B.B. for the music, the joy, the love.

Richard Breault says:

Be at peace,Thank you for all your gifts that you shared with the world.R.I.P. B.B. King.

Annette says:

The world has lost a talented performer. Keep on belting out the blues while making ‘Lucille’ sizzle in the afterlife B.B.

I want to give my deepest condolences to the family of BB KING. I first saw BB as a 17 year old boy in Boston Massachusetts at the Old Boston Tea Party on Berkley St. I think BB was 38 years old at the time. I sat at his feet as his sweet tone and his soul wrenching voice changed my life forever. I was lucky to meet BB on several occasions, the last one was at the Love Ride in California where I had a chance to sit with BB at the back of His bus as he graciously gave me and my buddy the late Ollie Ali Woodson and hour of his precious time. BB shaped my guitar playing and inspired me to play and keep playing a thousand times over. It was through his heart and his pain that I understood the Blues. To this day If I put on a BB King record I hear notes and phrasing and intricacy that I never heard before. To me with BB it wasn’t always the notes that got to me but the space between the notes. When I listen to a musician it isn’t the notes that make me feel something, it’s what’s behind the notes, how the notes are connected to the person playing them. BB taught me that. I am sorry he is gone, but happy that he had a long life and got to do what he loved. Thank you BB for teaching me al about the Blues. Andrew Kastner

420TommyC says:

People get ready, there’s a train-a comin’!
Miss you!

Francesco Cavalieri says:

I want to say thanks once again to BB, the man who gave me my first guitar when I was 13 years old. He said me “play” with his voice and his energy in the backstage of a small theatre. He changed my life in a night, with a song. I will never forget his hand and his eyes.Thanks BB, God bless you.Francesco

Argentina_blues says:

RIP Mr. King. Thanks for all the magic.

Artur Luis Barbosa says:

Our Thrill is Gone. Thank you B.B. for all moments of joy you gave us.

Alberto Falcão says:

So sad, rest in peace King!

Greg Nelson says:

God bless you BB and thank you for all of the years of joy and inspiration you gave to so much of humanity. You are a beautiful spirit, a wonderful example and will be dearly missed! Via con Dios my friend.

Diana says:

Thank you for providing the soundtrack to my life. You will be greatly missed but, your music will live on forever…


Foster Faimly says:

The world is little bit sadder, a little bit darker, a true legend shall be missed!

Though the thrill is gone , it shall not be forgotten!

Andy Evans says:

R.I.P my friend. You are a true blues legend. I had the pleasure of seeing you perform may times and every time I was in awe! As I drove to work today listening to you and remembering all the good times….. Let the good times roll!! Till we see each other again!

Lutz von Goerne says:

My deepest condolences from Berlin/Germany- a great bluesman was gone. May he rest in peace with other bluesman. Thank you for all your great songs and your own magnificent guitar techniques !

brick says:

Oh man my heart hurts.

Rick Keene says:

Thank you B.B.
May your music achieve greater peaks among the angels.

Ed Blake says:

As a fan, who discovered BB in the early 1990’s, miss him already. His music had an effect on my psyche. The world has changed again.

Merci pour tout ce que tu as joué. Ou que tu sois, bravo, tu restera toujours avec moi.

Christian, guitariste, France

Jeannie Spychalski says:

Though you are gone…..your music lives on forever. Thank you BB! To BB’s family….the blues world mourns your loss with you. Uplifted to know he’s riding with the King.

Rene Ladaga says:

A salute to the blues king. We lost another great in this world but his legacy lives on.

We miss you B.B. King….the King of the Blues…Your body is not with us, but your soul will live forever in your music…….

Rest Peace King…

Barbara drenon speck says:

Prayers coming to his family and close friends may they remember the good times they all shared not this sad day

Phil B says:

Such a gentle man with a precious soul. His gift to this world was America’s greatest export: its music and culture. Much like the blues music he so dearly loved and gave to us, the memory and legacy of B.B. will never fade. Having seen him in concert numerous times and an avid collector of his music, he has made my life that much richer. His influence and reach on/to our music is immeasurable… it is hard to think how things would sound today without his presence. May God bless his kind soul and bring him home to a final place of peace. B.B., we will carry on the blues… it is time for you to rest my friend.

Vicki says:

You made me love the blues and I’ll never stop. God bless your soul. Bird~

My sympathy to Mr.king’s family. I’m 58 and I started listen to BB when I was a child being raised by my grandmother, who loved BB. He was like family although I never met him. When my daughter was 20, I took her to see BB, and she loved him. He will be missed, but his spirit will live forever through generations.
Jacqueline L Sims

robin heid says:

Cry for a while because he is gone.
Smile forever because he was here.

Dave O says:

Thank You BB for many many years of music and the joy it brought to me and millions of others!!!!! Your “Live in Cook County Jail” happens to be in my CD player right now, and has been all week.

RIP (you deserve a good rest)

Dave O

Jared Lewandowski says:

And the Lord came down and took his hand.

“Riley come and rest easy.”

“What about my family?”

“Riley, like you, your family is strong.”

“My friends?”

“Riley, like you, your friends are strong.”

“My music?”

“Riley, like you, your work is strong.”

Stay strong family and friends of Riley B. King.


Clayton burleson says:

Mr. King thank you so much for everything. I can only imagine the beautiful blues you Albert,Muddy,Stevie Ray,Albert Collins and all the other masters are making now… look forward to next album….R.I.P

Truly greatful,
Clayton Burleson

-long live the Blues Boy..and long live the blues

Andrey says:

Thank you for all the happiness. You will be my teacher forever.

r harris says:

will always cherish seeing bb with crusaders at festival hall a very sad day rest in piece bb

Mario says:

Lucille is crying…
Long live to the blues!!!
B.B. rest in peace.

Toni Falcó says:

Simply thanks to make me happy. The thrill never will go…

Mishelle Neverson says:

You will be missed but not forgotten. You will always be remembered as THE KING OF BLUES. Yours songs were always played in my grandparents house on Sunday afternoon after church in the south. Now you are with them and they will be listening to your blues with all the angels.

PS Family don’t fight over his estate! Its not worth the time or Love you will lose, If you don’t win.

Lynda Paul says:

I am truly devastated by the loss of Mr. King. Mr. King introduced me into the world of the Blues and it has been a journey I will never forget. Thank you B.B. You will be missed by the world. My sympathies to his family, they have truly lost the most important person.

susan j. whitley-clark says:

RIP Mr. King, Thank you for the music. You will be missed but never forgotten.

Mathew Berens says:

To the family of BB King;
I’ve listened to BB since I was 12. He and his music have helped me through many of my most difficult times in life.
Losing my own father exactly a year ago, and now BB King is very difficult – but he has left me with the chance to hear him every day.
My most sincere best wishes to the King family. He was truly a great man.

Matt Berens

Gary .H says:

Just want to pay my respects for B.B.I had the pleasure of seeing him many times and meeting him once at a show he headlined near a prison in north alabama. Such a gentle soul that kept the blues alive.Just like SRV he never wavered with his love of the blues.This world wont be the same.Heaven done called another blues stringer back home.RIP

Okimo Williams says:

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. B.B. King after becoming friends with his granddaughter Landra Williams while we both attended Jackson State University. I was also privileged to see/enjoy one of his concerts here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast(AMAZING!!!)to say the least. RIP Mr. King or as Landra would say “granddaddy”.#blues daddy.

Okimo Williams

Randolf says:

…thank’s for the bitter sweet musical emotion. Thank’s for the blues. You have been my inspiration like you have probably been for all guitarists around this planet.

Your thrill will never go away from me.

Randolf from Germany

marc soracco says:

Rest in Peace Mr. King! You and your outstanding music will be missed by all.

Yolanda De LaZerda says:

RIP Mr King. You were simply the best!
My Thoughts and prayers are with his family.

albert padilla says:

it is gods turn to hear your music best wishes to the family

Walter Stein says:

Mr. King will be missed but will always be with us through his life and his work. I finally had the chance to see him perform in Manhattan in 2013. I will never forget his signature : “I SAID…..GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMAN”!God now has the best musician of our day playing Lucille at His throne. Rest with God Mr. King.

Walter Stein
Monticello, NY

Karyn Mari WW says:

Mr. King, B.B., Thank you for the contributions of your lifetime. You changed the world for the better. You caused people to come together in love. You gave the fullness of your spirit through your music and stories, and will remain a piece of our lives until we ourselves pass. Bright Blessings.

JT Darrow says:

Where does one begin? Probably the most influential musician in both the rock world and the blues. But most importantly, a wonderful human being. There will forever be an unfillable void in the music world. RIP BB. You will be forever missed.

William (Bill) Cox says:

I am so glad that I insisted on seeing BB King when I was in Bosnia. He played 500 meters from where we had our hanger, and after both my commander and my First Sargent told me I couldn’t go I basically told them to draw up the Article 15 paperwork and I’d sign it. After seeing the look of utter disbelief in their faces I told them my reason. I was not about to miss the chance to see the living legend known as BB King. I knew he was getting older and he wouldn’t be around forever, so I took a chance and pretty much disobeyed their orders. Which was the first and last time I ever disobeyed orders. I took a chance and it paid off. It could have went the other way and I could have ended up in lock down but, someone must have been looking out for me and wanted me to go see the King! So very glad I did. Rest in Peace Mr. BB King. The Blues world is a lot Bluer today, and forever, without you here.

Thelma turner says:

I. Am saddened with the passing of my favorite blues king. There is and will never be another ” king if the blues”.

Peter says:

Rest in peace, Mr. King. Thank you for your contribution to music and mankind

sue says:

The Thrill will never be gone for me. Such Joy you brought us.

Mike from Memphis says:

Mr. King, you will be missed. Truly one of a kind and the world is a sadder place without you.

“The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”

Diego says:

R.I.P., and thanks for the Great Music you gave us.

Cheryl Hall says:

Today the Father has brought yet another of his children home to play for the Saints and angels. My condolences to his family, friends, fellow artists and staff..The Thrill is gone indeed, but just from our presence ….for now!

Beega says:

..Thank you, B.B., for the wonderful years of tremendous music & the long years of being the superb human being & musician that we all came to know & love..Your music lives on, and you do as well in our hearts..

Loren Pierce says:

The Thrill is truly gone, but you will always be in our hearts forever.

I love you, Mr. King!
You will always be my Musical Hero!

Savannah, Georgia
May 15, 2015

Sara Coles says:

Rest in peace, Mr. King. Thank you for your many years of wonderful music.

Kevin says:

I am sad that Mr. King is no longer with us, but I am sure that he is happy with His Lord.

You have introduced me to many avenues of music and your voice and guitar touched my very soul.

May God give His peace and grace to his family and friends at this sad time.

Patrick Steel says:

Rest in peace BB King a true legend who will be missed by all.
Mr King inspired so many great players, but none can replace the original BB King. God bless him.

Larry Dangerfield says:

A legend of blues, a therapist of life and a inspiration to put your soul into whatever you do. I was born into his heartfelt tone and into the hypnotizing strings of Lucille. For me he didn’t only make wonderful music.. he was a wonderful instrument. With my family there wasn’t a weekend without the King and a song without a yell, scream or tear. When you go from being a child who feels what B.B’s doing before even knowing what he is saying, then you have a pretty good idea that this is something special. Fast forward 10 years to being just a kid in highschool who understands every word, then go 20 more years to adult at 34 who now can truly relate.. I would have to say that is timeless, that is legendary. To all the years of thrills, heartbreaks and genuine good times; for every other record or two..

B.B. KING of DOWN HOME BLUES, I thank you and will always remember what you done for generations.


Fabio Rosales says:

I’m so sad. See you later, Maestro.

Logan beck says:

Rest in peace to the blues boy. He was a legend and his spirit and music will never be forgotten.

Marcus vigil says:

You will be missed. My condolences to your family.

Andrea Griffen says:

Your music will live on and we will miss you.
Now you will be playing in the heavens.

Nick Tadd says:

Finally, your tour is over. Now rest in peace BB and thank you for teaching me to love the Blues.

The music in heaven just got sweeter and more soulful. We will miss you.

Nick (UK)

Jim Strahan says:

One of the greatest musicians of all time is gone. His influence touched all types of music. He will be missed. RIP

Kristin says:

Rest in peace, your music will be immortal forever.

You’ve been one of the greatest musicians this world will ever have and hopefully the next generations will realize as well….

I’ve seen you a few times in concert in Germany and I am so sad now that I never got an autograph or one of your necklaces. :-(

Love from Germany.

Greg Gerson says:

I thank BB King for decades of music. I last saw him front row in 2008 and he gave a perfect performance. I hope he truly passed peacefully.

Crab Martinez says:

When I saw B.B. King in the early seventies at the University of Utah Union Ballroom, I had already been playing guitar for about eight years. As the show was ending, I made my way to the side of the stage. I just had to try and see him up close, people were already gathered there, I wormed my way through the crowd and there he was signing autographs. I stuck my hand out and said “great show sir” he smiled, shook my hand and said thank you. To this day, as I approach over fifty years of playing the guitar, I still like to think that through that handshake, the blues entered my body and has never left. I will miss you sir.

Bill Kniewel says:

The Thrill Is Gone!

Whenever I had the honor to be with B.B. he always was a perfect gentleman and an unbelievable musician and inspiration to all of us around him. The millions of fans and musicians that have been touched by him are saddened by the King’s passing.

Godspeed, Bill Kniewel

rene aduan says:

Really Sad…the thrill is gone…

wander varga says:

thank you, mr. riley ben king !

Margie O'Meally says:

On behalf of all of us, but especially those from the generation in which Mr. King, himself a young man, spawned his Blues career, I send my heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

Another bright light has faded from our view!! Rest in Peace, Mr. King.

Thank you for your beautiful music.

Renato Ikeda says:

Long live to the King!!!

Richard Fuglewicz says:

BB King was one of the biggest influences on my guitar style, and his humanity and kindness shared the stage with our band at several Spina Bifida benefits in Atlanta in the 80’s. BB, the bluesman and kind soul will be deeply missed, we won’t see another like him. Peace in eternity BB.

Ernesto Victor Otz from Brazil says:

Rest in peace Mr. King . You did what all the black musician always dreamed of doing . If you like blues , thank you . We love you.

Torsten says:

Dear B.B.

Today’s news really shocked me. The king of the Blues has passed away.

B.B. was the first blues musician I listened to and he made me playing the Blues, too. The one and only time I saw him playing life was in Bonn, Germany. Luckily I had no car accident whilst going there with a rented car. I will never forget his passion of playing and his kind of being with the people and playing the guitar with all the love he could give.

Rest in peace B.B. Your music will never be forgotten.

Kay Locke says:

The world has lost one of the greatest musical and spiritual icons of our time. You will be sorely missed, but your music lives on forever in our hearts.


I grew up listening to you, dear B.B. Thank you. You made me feel. You walked by me. Your music has been, will always be my life soundtrack. Thank you, man. Blues man

John says:

I will miss you B.B. I’m fortunate to have seen you a number of times
live in concert. Rest in peace.

Roseann A Thomas says:

The King is now at rest after a life of hard work and entertaining the world. He’s in the presence of his maker and others who paved the way for the Blues. BB King you could not have imagined the void this world would feel without you. Thank you for the legacy you left for us all, what a gift! Love you forever…

Denise says:

This is so very sad to see another legend pass on. Thank you for years of amazing music. Thoughts and Prayers to his family.

Ladislav Havelka says:

Good by Mr King

Gabriella Restaino says:

your music has always been my soul…
goodbye BB…

Viniicus says:



Zenon Lopez says:

Gracias a usted. Adios

Bashkim Kokona says:

Rest In Peace King of Blues. You will be missed. You left us a legacy of a great music.

We are all aware that everything has to come to an end. But we never want to hear the moment has arrived. We will miss you sir. Your music will last forever.

Jimfredericks says:

Thank you for rocking our world with great music,now BB KING can rock the heavens,Rest in peace,God Bless,You will be greatly missed!!!

Mike Kurtz says:

This is one of the saddest days of my life. BB brought so much into my life and the lives of everyone on this planet.

I am grateful that I had the honor to see him many times in concert and to meet him on a flight to Sao Paulo.

God bless you BB and your family and fans.


Mike Kurtz

Luis Zambrana says:

Thank you for a lifetime of great music and memories. Rest in Peace. The Thrill is Truly Gone….

Pete says:

Such a sad day.. May I offer condolences to all those close to him; family, friends and business associates.

Catherine Tarabochia says:

I am saddened that Mr. King has left this world but he has left us better for having shared his music with us. He is no longer suffering but that is what made his music so special. The “Thrill” may be gone but it is still with us in all the music that he played that we heard and will continue to hear through Mr. King’s recordings. Hope you take Lucille with you.


Ramsés Ulises Siverio says:

Seguro has de estar reunido con aquellas viejas caras de las plantaciones de algodón. Ve con ellos. Disfrútalos. Ámalos como ellos te han amado siempre. Y como te amamos nosotros, a quienes sedujiste con tu fiel Lucille. Adiós, rey. Extrañaremos la fuerza de tus bends. Su sutileza. El rasgado de tu púa sobre las seis cuerdas: los que prodigabas como nadie de tu dama de compañía. Extrañaremos el “feeling” único de tu sonido. Tu humildad. Tu pasión. Tu carisma inigualable…
Son tantas cosas las que extrañaremos que no me alcanzará el tiempo para decirlas todas.
Te extrañaremos eternamente, Riley. Toca junto a Dios. Acompaña ahora esos Gospel que ya no cantan hacia arriba, sino hacia el frente porque ahora cantan en el mismo cielo.
Mi hijo está por nacer. Le diré, emocionadamente, que algún día exististe. Que existió Lucille y que la hiciste sonar como nadie. Le diré que existió un gran bluesman. Le diré que eras tú. Le hablaré de BB King.

Hasta siempre.

Ramsés Ulises Siverio. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela. América del Sur.

Betty Schreier says:

Prayers to all BB’s family, friends, and fans on his passing. He WAS and WILL always be THE king! He could make that guitar sing so sweet….like no one has ever done before. Thank you for sharing your music, your amazing talent, and your heart with all the world. I had the honor of seeing him perform numerous times (first time at age 12), and I was blown away each time. Heaven just got so much cooler and I bet there’s an incredible blues session happening right now….. The thrill will never be gone….. May God comfort BB’s family and close friends today and always. Gosh, how we’ll all miss that sweet smile of BB’s…..

Steve Cangelosi says:

Had the honor of meeting this man in the late 1960’s along with Eric Clapton. Great man! SIR-MAY YOU REST IN PEACE.

RK says:

RIP. M y moms favorite singer. We played BB at her 90th birthday in April.

Gordon says:

Thanks for everything Mr. King, your music and influence will last forever!

Tim Sayles says:

Truly. The thrill is gone. Thanks for the heart, the soul, the music, BB. You are dearly missed.

Philip Gates says:

Rest easy, Mr. King!

marc de WIT says:

Rest in peace Mr. King. I have always enjoyed your music and your enthousiasm whilst playing….

enough words…let’s play a record

marc from the Netherlands

Lucas says:

Saw you live @Wild Horse in Phienix, AZ on October of 2013. Thank you for the music then and always. It’s such a priceless gift to all of us.

I believe it was 1995 when I had my first personal encounter with Mr. King. It was on a flight from Las Vegas to Kansas City. I noticed him and his band waiting near us in the terminal and wondered if I was going to be on the same flight as B.B. King? Low and behold I was! And lucky me, who happened to be nearly the last person to get on the plane, found an empty seat next to the legend himself! I asked him if I could have the honor of sitting next to him, and he obliged. Not long before the plane departed, Mr. King had drifted off into a nice peaceful nap. When he awoke, we chatted a bit about the blues and how I had just started learning how to play the guitar myself. B.B. offered me some tips and told me to practice those scales every day. Other people on the plane came up and asked Mr. King for his autograph, but I refused to bother him with it. I knew I had met The King, and would forever keep that one for myself.
The world has lost a legend, but the trail of influence that B.B. King has left in the music world will forever be heard. I’m just one of countless people in the world who decided to pick up and learn a guitar because of a sound I heard coming from a guitar named “Lucille”. I’m forever inspired by his music and his legacy. The thrill will never be gone, Mr. King. You have made sure of that! :)

Alain Busser says:

He left us as he lived: With discretion and like if he wanted to avoid disturbing us. This man was a gentleman…

Not just a legend but a friend. My heart goes out to Reggie,Laverne,Willie,Alvin and all the friends and family. I will keep you in my prayers. And thanks for allowing me to be part of your life!

My deepest sympathy,
Robert Garland

Kap says:

Rest in Peace The King. Your soul may have departed but your music and legacy will continue forever.

Shawn Morrissey says:

It was B.B. King who got a 10 year old me interested in the Blues – which turned into a love of the Blues. The first album I bought with my own money was a B.B. album. He is still among the artists who compile the epicentre of my love for music.

Thank you, B.B. Ramble on.

David says:


Michael says:

Another great Bluesman is gone. Let’s bow our heads. So long B.B., have a good time.

Stephen Carey says:

My deepest sympathies to Mr. Kings family and friends during this extremely sad time. I had the pleasure of meeting with B.B. in Dublin in 1994 and to use the words ‘a true gentleman’ would be a tragic understatement. A truly sad day for everybody in this world, yet an unbelievably fortunate gain for all those who reside in the next world. Heaven is now blessed with the blues like never before. Rest in peace.

Mike says:

Many thanks to Mr. King for filling our hearts with his music. He will be missed but his music will continue to enrichen our lives.God bless Riley as he continues to tour thru heaven.

Amanda Hudson says:

I’m trying to work today, but my mind keeps wandering to Mr. King and his family. I have his box set playing and I’ve cried twice now in my office. He meant so much to so many and one of my greatest regrets is that I will never see him live in concert. I came to the blues late in life, only after I had experienced the rainbow of emotions that his music is fueled by in earnest as an adult and B.B.’s velvet voice, picking style, and inviting smile made him by far my favorite. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and I know Jesus is having one of the best concerts in heaven right now.

With my sincerest condolences,
Kay Kay Hudson


BB had an impact on my life that changed me forever, his music was my life and his kindness, which I experienced in person, can never be duplicated, God Bless you BB, I know you are in Heaven, Thank You for making my life a Happy Life!
With Great Respect and Love!
Chandler Mangum

David Mason says:

So sorry the hear of the passing of The King, I love his music and the world be a much lonelier place now.
Our loss is Heavens gain. Goodbye and God bless you BB King.

Morris Smith says:

I am sadden to learn of the passing of the king, my favorite bluesman, B.B.King. I’m a musician myself (guitarist and pianist) and have loved Mr. King and his music since I was 10 years old. My deeply heartfelt condolences go out to his family and I will never forget this kind, genuine, talented blessed man. Now heaven has another king to welcome!!

itamar damasceno says:

Today the guitars agreed weeping!!!

Joan Temprado says:

Gracias por hacerme sentir.
Thanks for make me feel.

Ted shaya says:

Bb descansa en paz nos vemos en la encrucijada

Juha Itkonen says:

R.I.P. B.B. Thank you for everything you gave us. We’ll remember you forever.

Regin says:


Lindsay Rene says:

May Mr King rest in Peace,God bless his soul, my sincere condolence to his family.

w peery says:

gone a true musical genius and Lucille will be lonely from now on rip blues man

Ron (Frog) Schmidt says:

I awoke to the sad news of the passing of a music legion. Mr B B King will be missed by millions of us. I feel so very fortunate to have had the pleasure to see him preform twice. Goodbye, BB so long Lucille. Thank you so much!

josé wellington porto says:

I’ll miss him…


Man like you never die. The music you played
is unending.

With love from Italy.

BlackShoes Johnson says:

B.B., thank you for all of the music and all of the memories. You were the first concert I ever asked my parents to take me to. Twenty years later, a boy’s dream came true when he was able to take a photo with you – in your dressing room no less. May you bless those in Heaven with music.

Michael & Pat Boyer says:

God Bless B.B., Tonight he’ll be playing the big room.

Mary Kemp says:

Mr. King will be sorely missed….the best blues artist to ever live. Rest in peace.

Don Berrios says:

Mr. King was the Greatest of the Greats. I am sad for his family and all his fans. I wish I became a fan sooner, so I could have seen more of his career. I am so glad I brought my younger son to see him about five years ago. He made me feel like he came to my home and sat in my living room and was playing for me. There hasn’t been many people that can do what this wonder person has done. BB you have blessed us all with your music until we join you. Love ya even though you never knew me.

Jason Knollinger says:

I had the privilege of seeing BB live in concert at The House of Blues in Orlando, FL a few years ago. It was awesome being in the presence of a Blues legend. He will be missed, but he will live on through his music and larger than life way he had about him that touched so many.

Diego says:

Adesso allieterai il regno dei cieli con la tua musica,riposa in pace

Linda Blyther says:

Rest in Peace King Of The Blues… You Will Be Missed. May God Be With The Family.

neaz ahmed says:

thanks for the gift BB !!!!
you’ll alwyas remembered as KIN OF BLUES !

rest in peace boss !

Grey Wolf says:

I’m happy to have seen you in concert at Lehman in The Bronx, and to hang out with you backstage on 4/19/2004. I will cherish our pictures together. The Thrill IS Gone.

Jeff Nobis says:

God bless this great man. Truly a legend who will be missed, but his music will live forever. Rest in peace Beale Street Blues Boy.

David feinberg says:

The thrill is gone. I will miss him greatly. I know he is playing up in heaven making God so happy.

Janice says:

I live in the Milwaukee WI, and B.B played at the Riverside theater 2003. I paid for a ticket because my family played his music in or home. And I too loved his music. I was the front stage and I told him that I thought he was an awesome guitarist. He looked at me and game me his guitar pic. I keep that pic for 17 years. I finally gave it to a woman that also like B.B King. I also have bought a poster of B.B king and were he played throughout the Midwest. The title of the tour is North America Tour 2001. I enjoyed his performance. B.B King will never die. He will always live on. Just like Joe Crocker. Etta James, ETC

Anderia Freed says:

My family sends their deepest sympathy. He and his music truly touched our hearts and our lives. It makes me proud that my children admired him as well. We will all miss his style-class and his magical music. He was a true inspiration and legend.

Luke says:

BB King

Will be missed, he gave the world a great gift of his music..RIP BB

Luke and Jessi

Roopa says:

Deeply affected by the news of Mr Kings passing away -saw him at Casino Rama in Canada about 2 years ago and I felt it was a blessing to see him still play.
I took my young son( in his teens) to the concert – just to show him that it was King that influenced and mentored the generations of musicians that followed- the ones that my son considered with a demigod status

RIP BB- never ever forgotten- always to be cherished in my heart. Your music brought tears to my eyes and peace within

Barbara Acosta says:

My deepest condolences to Mr Kings family. I admired him and enjoyed his music for many years. I always wanted to see him in concert and never had the chance. Now all I can do is keep enjoying his music. God bless you B.B. King and rest in peace.

John says:

The man and the era will never-ever be replaced.
RIP, Mr. King.

peters says:

Where do we go now…what do we listen to from now on….because the thrill is gone….my hero, my mentor, my soul seaker…..I am so sad….to u BB and Lucill….may ur soul rest in peace and may ur music never die…to u my friend, from the bottom of my heart…farewell my man…BB for ever!!!

Richard Gillies says:

So sad to hear of the passing of BB king a legend

Peg Smith says:

Thank you for the music, Mr. King, it will live on forever!

Susanna Ljung says:

I saw your concert in Sweden, Stockholm at Cirkus! It is one of my best memories in my life! First of all my little brother invited me and then it was YOU BB ❤❤❤ R.I.P and all my love to your beloved!

Latarra Nealey says:

B B King…. I will never be prepared to say good-bye to you. My heart is so heavy right now… You will always live in my heart… You are still The King and always will be!!! I’m missing you already!!! I love you with all my heart.

Serdar Boztepe says:

Thank you for the music. R.I.P. and may the light allways be your bed.

From Cologne-Germany & Istanbul – Turkey
thankfully and with great respect and very sad…


Scott A. says:

God bless the King of the Blues.

Tony Spagnoli says:

BB, Thank you for all the years of blues enjoyment. You are the “Bluesman”!

Lisa says:

May God bless you ! You have given me so much joy listening to your music and just watching you play, you can feel the music just by looking at you enjoy it so much
I just wish I had heard your music when I was younger

Chuck Thomas, Jr. says:

The word “Legend” is way overused in this modern throw away world! We have lost a true Legend today. B.B. King has thrilled us time and time again. Live on stage, on the road in the car & truck, or groovin’ at home to the stereo. I’ve been at festivals where some folks start to leave when B.B. would headline a show. Those fools just did NOT get it! My wife and I would always stay ’til B.B.’s last heartfelt lyric and Lucille’s last delicious lick! If you had the blues when you got to his show, B.B. would kick them to the curb and leave you smilin’ inside and out! He’ll truly be missed. Thank you B.B. King. I’m certain my Blues Brother “Peel”, who’s up in Heaven, will be sittin’ up front when B.B. King and Lucille lay down their Heavenly licks in Peace, forever.

Chuck & Viv Thomas
Hampton, VA

Brian K says:

truly a legend. You will be missed, but never forgotten. RIP B.B.King!!

Hi, I am Olivier CAROLE bassist from France and just wanna express my emotion and sadness here.
The greatest of the greaters has gone and the thrill too.
I will like the family and the fans find here my sincere condolences.
May we all stay proud of his masterpiece works and his enormous legaly.

Respect to the everlasting MONUMENT

Paulo Luz says:

Rest in peace B.B. King! Thanks for all!

Dries Koster says:

I am a great fan of him. Saw him abouit ten times in Holland/Belgium. Marvellous, so fine in talking, giving you good feeling. Fine concerts in Groningen (north of Netherlands) and often on north sea jazz.
Great loss, great loss….

david thompson says:

the world was a better place with B.B.King in it. You will missed but NEVER forgotten!!

Jesus Quintero says:

God bless you, BB King.
Thanks for the music, smiles and feeling.

Mark Fiet says:

Now, BB, Albert King, Albert Collins, SRV, Billy Preston, Jeff Healey and all other great musicians who have gone to the Heaven of Blues are having the Concert for Eternity. RIP! Mr. B?

Oscar says:


Carl Berti says:

We were always great fans, my wife and I were at the Filmore West in 68. We pray BB is playin the Blues with St. Peter. We will surely miss him.

fred gass says:

Thank you B.B. for all the music and wonderful shows I saw. Rest in peace,heaven just completed the greatest blues band in the world!!!!!!Every day I have the Blues. R.I.P.

Josh says:

goodbye my friend…. You will be missed

Charlie Wood says:

Thank you BB King, for all the wonderful music you bestowed upon the world. I will never forget your sweet melodic voice and how much it touched my soul. You are a legend who will live forever through your music.

Lars M says:

RIP :)

Paddy Malloy says:

Rest in peace..BB.. I am so glad I was able to see you do your thing. Your songs and music are a big part of my life and collection.. See you on the other side…
Paddy Malloy NYC

I have bin on Bealestreet Mephis in 1993 in the BB King Club. So my memory today is by him.

Joel Bone says:

BB King was my first concert experience, and WOW what a show!! Mr King, you will be greatly missed and forever respected as the reigning king of blues. R.I.P

Daivd says:

Mr BB King RIP

James Cope says:

RIP BB King. You will be missed.

Andrea Davis says:

I loved your music and you will be truly missed R I H

thanks for what you have given us. see you soon
Jose Perfetto

Brian says:

Gonna miss you, Mr. King. God bless your soul.

Russell Forrest says:

Very sorry to see this news. My condolences to B.B’s family and friends. My sympathies to all my fellow B.B. King fans.

Oscar Carrizo says:

A real loss for music, difficult to assimilate. A greeting to all followers of the master and all his family and the family of the true music … music …. The Thrill Is Gone… forever…

Byron Clemens says:

Great musician, entertainer and kind human being. Being happy is greatly over rated. Great memories – still feel the blues over loss for his family and fans. – he will be honored and missed.


Davida says:

I am deeply saddened my the loss of such an iconic man.His music and voice style were something many people often tried to immitate, but could never really quite get. Rest in peace Mr.B.B. King….Lucille…sweet Lucille.

Michelle says:

Rest In Peace

mike mason says:

wonderful blues legend. loved his guitar styling. he will be missed. just 89. rip bb king. music will live on.

your fan
from canada
mike m

leeann sw says:

Been in love since 1972 when I first heard B.B.in O.C. Md.
You will be missed ,your music will live forever

Jean Morris says:

May God bless you and your family.
I know the he blessed the rest of us with your genuine heart, soul-filled lyrics and beautiful music. Thank you….

Joe Prout says:

For those of us who love music, and for those of us amongst all of you who are also guitar players … this is a sad day …the loss of an icon , and a decent, humble man who was so generous with his time and experience and spirit to many thousands of musicians over the years , and whose guitar style and emotion was emulated by so many of us …God bless your soul , may you rest in peace … you left this world having made it a better place …Joe Prout

Chaz Hay says:

The King is gone, but his legacy will live on forever. My greatest influence in blues music. My heart is broken. Rest in peace, old friend!

Years of soothing our souls, Magic of your melodies, blues felt deep> introduced to our children before birth, You will forever live in our hearts, ears and within ourselves & the generations continuing your ballads for as long as fingers strum & beat, voices need to express, carrying your SOUL on the sounds and thoughts of their inspired tunes.

C Bailey says:

This man is a true Original American Treasure, the likes of which we may never experience again. We are all blessed to still be able to experience his talent. Thank you BB for the icon in music that you were. Thanks for leaving us your all the great music and moments. I consider you a True Musical Hero.

jan says:


Andrea says:

Good Luck King of Blues !!! RIP
With Love from Italy

joe says:

Thank you and RIP Mr. King

Brad says:

God bless you BB! You brought the passion, joy and love of the blues to the world! Enjoy the great jam session up there!!

Lia DiMillo-Gray says:

I was introduced to B.B. King in 1971 at a concert in San Francisco. Thank you for the years of soul searching, peace finding melodies; and guitar rifts that reach down and mend a broken heart. Peace and love to you in the next life.

marie patricia manning says:


Dan Tice says:

Rest In Peace B.B. King. And Thank You..

Brenda says:

Heartbroken for his family and for his fans. It was our privilege to enjoy his genius.

PREVOT Jean Marc says:

We are french and we just learned the death of BB King. We are so sorry because there is still a lot of blues lovers in France and in Europe and BB King was one of our favorite artist. For us he looks like the Father of the Blues. Blues will never be the same without BB King. Thank you to have brought so much joy with your music. We will never forget you Riley, never!

kyle says:

Rest well sir

Patrick McMahon says:

The Blues will never be the same… RIP B.B.

Manuel Masson says:

Rest in peace BB King

Maggie Andras says:

RIP B.B. King, I was so privledged to , at Universal City Concert for your 80th Birthday. Front row, back stage!! Greatest Blues, kindness man!!

Peg says:

God speed Mr. King
Thank you for showing me how to fall in love with the Blues and most especially your awesome music.
Heaven is very blessed to have you know.
My condolences to your family.

Brian G.McGrath says:

I have an old Jukebox Seiburg USG-1 built in the 1970’s. Proud to say have the thrill is gone on forty five vinal. He was a great man.

R.D. Milton says:

Some say he was one of the greatest blues
singers/guitarist but I say he was the best.
God rest your soul in the name of Jesus!
RIP B.B. King

Stephen crockart says:

Rip BB It was a pleasure to see you twice in my life .i feel very blessed to have seen artist such as buddy guy eric Clapton as well as many others but BB was the most important of all. Heart felt sympathy to your family.

Chuck says:

Thank you for the wonderful songs and melodies…..

You will be dearly missed, B.B.


Janet Mahaffey says:

My heart is saddened by the news of Mr. King passing, even though I know he is playing the blues in a better place. He music and love will live forever in my heart. Until we meet again…

Bill Stanley says:

We’ve lost one of the greatest Blues guitarists who ever lived. RIP, Mr. King. Your legacy is your music & you’ll never be forgotten.

jaime sanchez says:

I was lucky enough to see bb I Detroit at the fox along with Etta James and Jimmy lee Vaughn.
I was 4th row from the stage ill never forget…..rip

Seth says:

I was in love with you and your sound before I loved the blues and I’ll be cuttin some strings tonight just for you.

Albert Jackson says:

You have always been one of my all time great musical heroes. I’ve seen you perform from the Delta Blues Festival in Greenwood, Ms to Jazz Fest in New Orleans to Beale street in Memphis. You will surely be missed.

Dan Kertesz says:

My condolences to all the friends and family of this legendary musician. We are sad to see him go, but his music and legacy will live on. RIP

Jens Bennarend says:

I’m so sorry… Hopefully he spreads his wings about us all now.

Mary Henry says:

Mr King , I’ve listened to you my entire life and will continue . The thrill lives on . RIP peace sir and you’re singing in heaven now

Alan Pratten says:

I had the priviledge of working with BB as a promoter on some of his Canadian Tours. I am saddened by his passing. He was the nicest, most humble maan I ever met.He was a pleasure to be around and an example to all of us in how to live. He was a mentor to so many and change the history of music and in doing so changed our society for the better. Rest Peace Brother. I will miss you lots.

David Thomas Buote says:

Mr. King

You were truly an inspiration to me one can only hope to grace our time on this earth with the class and dignity you portrayed along with your bigness of heart .

God-bless you and yours: Davy B.

Mario Souza says:

RIP for the family and for lucille.
Mario Souza from Brazil


My best wishes to B.B’s family,friends and fans. I was blessed to see B.B. perform three times, not nearly enough.

Kimberly Harris-Eaton says:

When I was 11 years old my brother brought me to my 1st BB King concert in Bushnell Park- Wow- from that moment the blues flowed thru my heart in a magical kind of way! Thank you Mr. King for a life time of love!

Bobby Wilhelm says:

The King of the Blues has now taken his rightful place in Heaven, center stage, joined by countless Blues Icons.
Sadly, heaven is filling its stage far too quickly.Soon the Blues will will be just a fond memory here on Earth.
God bless BB King, may his reign in heaven be an eternal encore, as the curtain closes on his last performance here on earth.

Lombardi Carlo and Heidi says:

Dear B.B. King

Thank you for the great music you have brought to the whole world. We are so happy that last year we have visited your native neighborhood in Mississippi. Remember you our entire life. R.I.P.

Carlo and Heidi, Jona, Switzerland

Rhonda M. Garner says:

The Thrill Is Gone…
R.I.P. King BB.

Jeff Davis says:

I first saw Mr. King in 1971 in Grand Rapids, Mich. at the age of 15 years old, and my life was never the same – the blues is the music I have played and loved, as a guitarist of some 45 years, my whole life. Who sets the standard?
The Blues Boy, that’s who!

Lee Piliin says:

One of the Best! Catch you on the Other side!

Nelson says:

The World lost a great musician and a great man we B.B. King left us to be with the Angels. May you be forever making Music in Heaven.

Chris says:

RIP old friend. Thank you for so much love and so much music.

Rhonda M. Garner says:

The Thrill Is Gone…You will be truly missed.
R.I.P. King BB…

George Jacoby says:

Such a loss, beyond any words that I have. Some of my most memorable music memories have B. B. in them. I am happy I was privileged to be able to see him on many occasions, sad it can not be again.
Rest in peace.
The King is dead, long live the King…..

Charles says:

Safe Journey to you Mr.King, you will always be remembered.

R. Russo says:

Mr. King was a true original, performer, road-man, and world-class musician. He will be missed. His music and legacy will live on!

Don Hasson says:

I loved BB my entire adult life.
I went to at least a dozen of his concerts.
I will miss him.
Don Hasson

allen erie says:

My prayers to BB’s family.
The world was a better place with him here.
He will be missed!
So glad I got to meet him!

Terena Shaw says:

Thank you for sharing your light with so many of us. Mr. King you were loved. Rest in Peace dear man. <3

papa sam says:

goodbye, mr king..you will always be loved & missed..thank you for everything..brandy & i saw you most every time you were in san antonio, tx..@ least until she was too ill to go..as much as i hated missing you, i think she hated it more..our condolences & best wishes to your family..

Frank says:

You will truly be missed. Thanks for all the good time and great music. Farewell and God bless

paul guttormson says:

thank you for your music BB. we will miss you.

Steve says:

The King is dead…

…Long live the King’s music.

David Hathcock says:

I would like to offer my condolences to the Family and friends of B.B. King. Mr. King’s music and talent has touched my life for over two decades. I had the privilege to see him perform on one of his trips to New Britain CT. I will never forget the experience. His passing is a loss to the entire world.

B Rea says:

The thrill lives on – I’ve anchored Pandora stations and Spotify playlists after BB. I was fortunate to hear him play live in the 90’s, one of the best shows of my life. i bet there are blues being played at the pearly gates today.

Tom Lukas says:

There are many great guitar players in the world but there are very few who are great artists. BB expressed his soul and his personal unique humanity in every note he played, in every word he sang. The ability to do that cannot be learned from a guitar/music lesson. Seeing BB perform was always a wonderful experience. When he walked onstage the whole atmosphere of the venue, no matter how large or small, was filled with BB’s warmth and humanity. I learned that there was something very special about BB. BB opened a new place in my heart when I realized that we are all of that same place that BB could let me have a glimpse of while he entertained me from this deep and spiritual place.
God bless you BB and thank you,

minnie schreck says:

Another legend Mr. King in has left us. Mr Bobby Blue Bland and now the greatest, Mr. BB King. We will never have another like him. I had the wonderful honor of seeing him in Houston, Tx at the Arena Theatre. What a great memory and what a performance he gave that evening, he was at the time, 79 years young!Thank you for all the beautiful music! Your music is forever with us.

Joseph Gauthier says:

Blessed be, Blues Boy, Blessed be

Jennifer Johnson says:

I thank God for allowing BB King to be a part of the world. He inspired so many artists and regular folks with his music, personality, and talents.

Those in Christ Jesus know that it’s only a temporary separation. Until we meet again, Mr. King, rest in glorious peace.

God Bless, In Jesus Name!!
–Jennifer Johnson
Ohio Fan!

Jammie Lile says:

Millions of musicians stand together today, worldwide, to mourn the passing of Mr. King. We all owe Mr. King a collective “Thank You”.

zoro says:

rest in peace Mr.King

Dan B. says:

Love ya B. Thank you for bringing the joy of the blues in to my life and keeping it there. You will be missed. Rest in Peace.

Diane Tucker says:

Rest in peace, beloved Mr. BB King. You are number one and you will always be number one. Enjoy your jam session in heaven and please tell my late musician husband hello for me. Love always.

Lance Brown says:

Mr. King, I know you cant read this but hope you hear my message from heaven. We will miss you and our hearts will be blue for a lifetime without you here.

God bless you for the beautiful music you gave us to listen and feel!


Ralph Boehm says:

I met Mr. King one cold Buffalo nights after his concert. He took on visitors despite not feeling well. A true southern gentleman with family virtues. It is practically unheard of today. It is one of the truly special moments in my life that I will never forget. Thank you Mr. King.

Godspeed and thank you for everything. Hopefully Lucille is up there with you.

Mr & Mrs Horton says:

We will misS you loads B.B. We do already. So glad we were lucky enough to see you in Birmingham. You are a TRUE LEGEND!

Hilary and John

Forrest says:

I’ve seen B.B. play 6 times and it all has been the best shows and music I’ve ever heard. The blues restaurant is great also. B B king you will be missed sir

Martin Sauser says:

Good by B. B.

Danke für die glücklichen Momente, die du uns geschenkt hast. Wir werden dich nie vergessen.


Mike says:

Thank you Mr. King for a lifetime of music. The King is gone, but the thrill will never be–you left that behind for all to enjoy.

Marco says:

A legend during his life.
A legend forever.

Bowie says:

Just adding my voice to those of many. What an inspiration. MHSRIP. Bowie

randy stocker says:

Mr king you were the cornerstone of my musical life. Im 55 and cant remember when you weren’t playing in the background. May god bless you and enjoy you and lucille as much as we have!!

Teremus Thompson says:

To Mr. Kings Family and Friends, I send my deepest sympathies in the lose of the Greatest Bluesman to ever live and a Superior human being! B.B. was truly one of the most amazing Guitar players that we will ever hear when he hit that first note on Lucille as he walked on stage for a Live performance you knew that you were hearing a distinctive sound that will never be heard or duplicated again. Thank you B.B. for the years and multiple Live performances that I had the pleasure of attending and for the special recognition you gave my son when he was attending your show in Davenport Ia.He was about 14 and you brought him on stage to thank him for coming to see you at such a young age. Imagine the feeling this gave him. You were an amazing gentleman. Your Greatness will be missed!

Bernard says:

Today I have the blues.
Today my Lucille will cry…


Mark Friedman says:

My most sincere condolences and sympathies to the family and those who were fortunate enough to call B.B. King their friend and musical colleague. I am so very thankful that I got a chance to see him perform live at BluesFest in Chicago several years ago. I had been at work all day across the street from where BluesFest was taking place, starting at 4:30 a-m, and after my shift was done, I grabbed as much of a nap as I could and waited until a few hours before Mr. King was scheduled to take the stage. One of my fellow workers went with me, and we were fortunate to find a couple of seats, though they were a bit of a distance from the stage. It was ALL worth spending the entire day in the area and waiting for his set. He certainly didn’t disappoint, though we all wished he would’ve played longer than he did. He explained how his battle with diabetes was affecting his performances, and we all went home happy to have heard and seen him, and prayed for the best for him. My favorite of his songs is “When It All Comes Down”, and it was on my mind all morning at work today. While I am saddened by his passing, I’m grateful that he’s no longer suffering and is at peace. Thank you Lord for letting us have his talent, his music and his wonderful spirit for the time he was with us. We’ll have the music to remember him by, and those he influenced will be keeping it going too. Thank you for all that you shared with us, B.B. King….you have truly earned your rest, along with your place in the Heavenly Hall Of Fame, along with the others Halls Of Fame that opened their doors and arms to you.

David Langley says:

Rest in peace, Mr. King.

Alan Beck says:

The last of the old bluesmen! You had a tone and vibrato like no one else. RIP Riley!

Izrael Dominguez says:

Long live the King !!!

Deanne O'Donnell says:

The world is a much darker place without Mr. B.B. King. May he rest in piece amongst the greats of all time. There was only one B.B. King, there will never be another. The Thrill is Gone.

Stephan Boedler says:

A real King passed away. My Condolences from Germany. He will never be forgotten. R.I.P. B.B. !!!

Adele Dungan says:

My heartfelt sympathies to the family. We have all lost a true master of music. He is no longer singing the blues. Instead know he is praising and worshiping at the feet of God! Bless you all

Jeffrey Smith says:

Rest in Peace Mr. King. You were, and will continue to be an inspiration to so many.


Marcelo Gazzoli says:

Today is a blues day.
Rest in pece, great Blues King.

Radiobluesbryan says:

It is such a somber day. So many thoughts, so many feelings, so many emotions. On a very personal level Mr. King meant so much to me. His music, his books, his numerous live events I attended, including with my two sons, whichis a memory I will keep forever and beyond. I will not be able to articulate here all of the feelings, but I sure wanted to share a note to, and for, this wonderful man. My wife and I saw him live before we were married, my family saw him together a few years ago, and this weekend my family, friends and I will listen to his music to celebrate Mr. King and his music! Missed? Of course! But never, ever will we be without his music!

With so much love and respect,


Gary Hanson says:

Thank you Mr. King for introducing the blues to me. May God Bless

Paul Gardiner says:

Rest in Peace BB. You brought us all so much. The last of the great Delta Blues men is gone.

The sky is crying as we all are here, resp peacefully Mr King, you were one of my heroes.

Jaap says:

Goodbye Mr.King, thanks for making so many people happy during your lifetime.
And your art will continue to do so for century’s
to come!
What an achievement!

zoroace says:

I’v never forgot your ebullient smile last year at concert and it will be fixed to my mind forever. I am pretty sure that you will play with “Lucille” again in the heaven and keep performancing your wonderful music.

Armando Marques says:

Long live the KING !!!

Dear B.B.:

Thank You for all the great Music and Joy you brought to us all your life!

We will miss you and never forget you and your Music!

May You & Lucille rest in Peace!


Ed Ottaunick says:

The world will long remember the man who made millions of people happy playing the blues. I think we will be hearing Let the Good Times Roll from heaven tonight.

RIP Mr King and thanks.

Paolo says:

In questo preciso momento sono qui che ascolto “The King” nel mio impianto stereo. La voce è quella che conosco da sempre, e non fatica nel cantare le canzoni che io preferisco. La chitarra non sbaglia una nota. Il ritmo mi avvolge.
B. B. King non é morto!
Vive e vivrà a lungo.

Michal Oborski says:

Goodby Master, King of Blues… Thank you. Im very sad so you passed away but.. I hope so now you are most famous guitarist in God’s Music Hall…. God bless You B.B.

Michal from Poland

Klaus Dobadka says:

great Blues Man gone…. Thx B.B. for all your music and influence…

Illease Davis says:

The world has lost another king in the music world.I had the pleasure of seeing him perform and will forever treasure that experience. The way Mr.King could make Lucille talk to your soul.Muddy Waters passed the torch to BB who handled his business. To his family deepest condolences. I just looked at my souvenir BB King pin last night.I’d already listened to “The Thrill is gone” 3 times before 10am

Joakim Arndt Sweden says:

Thanks for making my life better in so many ways. I saw BB two times in sweden

Tom Sweetapple says:

What a sad day for us all who will always remember B.B..but a wonderful day in heaven for surely he’s singing and playing there.

MARIAM says:

I only wanna say, THANKS for all the music, now your soul is resting in peace and your music lives in us!
Buen viaje King!

Michel Lokies says:

Hej BB,

thank you for great moments with Lucille,
your wonderful concerts with your incredible band
…. and your blues.
You were the reason why I learned to play the guitar. Thank you for so many moments with your music.
“Let the good times roll” and many greetings to
Stevie and Rory….


Carrie Huskinson says:

I feel so blessed to be able to say I lived during the time of BB King. RIP Mr. King. Your music will live forever!

Ruth Collins says:

Thank you for the music. Rest peacefully Sir..you will be greatly missed.

Edward Drayton says:

B.B King RIP
1972 caught him at Asbury Park N.J. at the now closed St. James Theater. Was so surprised when he came to the edge of the stage after the last song to shake hands and sign autographs. We didn’t have pen or paper looking through my wallet . . . so I just stood there soaking it in. All the while pining for something more from him. Once I gave up on the autograph it was the most unique concert experience. Such a humble man. He clasped his palms together, like a prayer and continue to short bow between signing and hand shakes. Still blown away. I will never forget B.B. Travel well my Good Man.

Akash Thakkar says:

Most lovely…most generous…majestic BB KING…You will always be with us..

Long live the blues…


Bruno Eller says:

Extremely sad with the news about the King. His music will stay on history, forever!

Thank you very much, Mr. King. Thanks, “Lucile”. You will be with us forever.

Rio de Janeiro

liora says:

קשה לעכל ולקבל את

לעולם ישאר המלך


Alessio Galbusera says:

BB Hello , I ‘m 33 years old and thanks to my father I’m listening to all my life . I will continue to do so for the rest of my way . You’re in my heart and in my ears . Thanks for everything B.B .. Say hello to my dad .

Michael McAvoy says:

Mr. King inspired my vibrato greatly. I was lucky enough to see him perform and I will miss him alot. Rest easy Mr. King, you made your mark in life and deserve peace.

Doug Peters says:

Rest in Peace, B.B.
No one has ever played it like you did.
You have been an inspiration to all of us guitar players.

Thanks for the Music.

Julian says:

Thank you for the music, thank you for the memories…thank you

Susanne Schmitt says:

R.I.P. , Mr. B.B. King , you are still one of the greatest, for now and in the future. I’ll miss your thrill, but I’ll always be a fan of yours .

God bless you.

Traian says:

Thank you BB King.
Your music will be always with me.
Traian from Transylvania, Romania.


Sleep peaceful Mr.King…….we love you…..

Robert Greenough says:

Mr. King

Eduardo Pires Gomes Cruz says:

RIP King of the blues!!! Today is a sad day to the blues lovers, but we know that his music still will live!!!
We love you BB

Kevin Smith says:

RIP B.B. Grateful for what you’ve left with us, the thrill of listening to you will never be gone.

Teresa johnson says:

My favor BB King live album is Royal Jam with the Crusader and the Royal Philharmonic. Rest in Peace and thanks for Music.

Miguel A. González says:

BB, I´d like to express my sadness to all your family for not having you around anymore. To you, I only have words of thankfulness, I’ll always have you around through your music.

angus boyd says:

so very sorry to loose this great man, prayers for his family.
Had the pleasure to cook for him & his band in Scotland, classy gentleman xxx
angus in Glasgow

Joy Fickling says:

Rest in Peace B.B.King.
Thank you for your selfless, untiring, generous gifting of your talent and love
to the world. The void created by your
passing will not be filled. But, your
music will live on throughout all time.
Thank You Mr.King from the prisoners you played for and any others to whom you freely gave but do not have access to the internet.

Always In Our Hearts!

Rest in peace BB … thank you for the music, thank you for the journey you took me into the blues .. I feel like a very good friend of mine has died ..

Neil says:

A true inspiration to many.
The thrill has truely gone.
Thank you for the great music.
Your memory will live for ever

Rosemarie Navarra says:

RIP B.B., Sincerest Condolences to his Family and Close Friends. His music was magical, his humbleness as a man, divine. He is a Legend. As we mourn…

Henrique says:

Thank you very much, Mr. King. Thanks, “Lucile”. You will be with us forever.

Rio de Janeiro-Brasil

A True Texas Fan says:

My heart a prayers are with the King Family. As being one of “The Three Kings of The Blues; B.B., Albert, and Freddie, along with so very many others made what came from working songs, mixed with Southern Gospel, and a little country folk, that came to eventually define the sounds of Chicago, Memphis, Texas, and Mississippi Blues and eventually Rock and Roll. I will never forget sometime in the mid 1970’s after getting my first guitar, and seeing Mr. King on a Saturday show and hearing that quick vibrato he did so well. In closing, I remembering a fellow Texan who had rightly earned his place playing with B.B. King on B.B. King and Friends, Stevie Ray Vaughan said he was up there playing his hands off, and then he looked at B.B. to take the lead and he played one note. The guy interviewing asked Stevie “was it the right note?” Stevie replied “Well he ain’t gonna play the wrong one” So THAT sums up the respect, love, and supreme loyalty that Mr. King has from his peers, to the 1960’s London players like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin, to so many others, and back to the America with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Vaughan, Bonnie Raitt, etc. What a Legacy!!! I am TRULY sad today, but I am also thankful I can put on the radio, or CD’s and listen to his music and pass it on to my children and grandchildren! With all my heart and soul,
from Texas!

Roger Ellis says:

Thank you Mr. Riley B. King – RIP

Carl Blythe says:

The blues lost a great voice/performer/guitarist now you have left us for a better world. Thank you for lifting my spirit when times were tough. Now ‘let the good times roll’ B.

Paul Colotelo says:

It was a thrill

Rest in Peace

Jack Lavelle says:

The King is dead. Long live the King. BB is the once and always future King of the blues.

Alexander says:

BB King no one like him, your legacy and unique style is alive in soul and music !

From Costa Rica with all our love !

Scott Amlong says:

God Bless you B.B. King for introducing me to a love , and a passion of music that I would have never know about, had it not been for that first listen to of the “Back in the alley” album. Being a Scotch-Irish kid from California, I never heard of the Blues, or knew what it meant. Thank you for opening my Ears , and my heart to the beautiful music that you created with Lucille.

Rest in Peace

Victoria Davis says:

I feel so grateful that B.B. King was in our world. And I am grateful to my older brother Dan for introducing me to B.B. by bringing home albums from college to our New Hampshire home. I am a big B.B. King fan and I had the pleasure of seeing B.B. in concert several times in the Northeast and twice in the south. I never followed any other musician. Thank you, B.B.

antonio luis garcia says:

Grande perda. Nós brasileiros também lamentamos a perda do Rei do Blues, Cidadão Universal, Cidadão da Música. Deus o receba com carinho assim como era com todos e esteja também com sua família.

Mary says:

You will be so missed RIP Mr King :(

calvin hardy says:

Well I have worked with BB off and on for 20 years. I do hospitality back stage work, That is I set up the dressing rooms & serve dinner & get the artist anything they need. I remember the early nineties at the coach house concert hall in San Juan Capistrano ca. till recently at the Grove of Anaheim in Anaheim ca. He was someone you would always say to people, ( HE IS THE NICEST MAN YOU COULD EVER MEET.) I WILL MISS HIM……
I am blessed to have experienced this magic.
thank you
Calvin Hardy

Daniel Sa says:

The thrill is indeed gone. Somehow we thought he was never going to die, but everything great thing eventually must pass. He will be missed.

Tony Wilkins says:

The thrill really is gone..Thank you
Mr. King a talent beyond measure!

John Gambaro says:

BB, you made us all happy. You inspired me to make the world a little brighter with my own guitar playing. I hope I am lucky enough to keep inspiring people as long as you did. I will carry on your sound, I promise. Please watch over all of us and guide us.

Gayle Logan-Silva says:

A Huge loss! I am so sad.

david says:

bonsoir,c’est avec tristesse que j’ai appris que BB nous as quitté,un homme Bon , avec un talent exceptionnel. Sa musique,sa voix ,son être nous manqueras.Repose en Paix KING OF BLUES;

Sincères condoléance à sa famille.



Carlos Mayer says:

Gracias por tanto talento,hasta luego Sr. Blues,abraze al Sr. Jesús de mi parte y digale que también quiero verle.

Pat Reeves says:

I wish you didn’t have to go.

Cynthia Cisneros says:

God rest this wonderful part of my world. I met BB in Louisiana in 1983 in a small club where he was playing for New Years. He was a recognizable musical personality. Music has always been a very big and very important part of my life. At about the same time he was crossing over into his peaceful new life I was gazing up at the stars and saw a shooting star. I know that was BB making a great exit to a new beginning. God bless him for so much more than he can ever imagine he left us all.

Joel Formiga says:


yvan le pape says:

We love you BB, we miss you, we won’t never forget you, we thanks god to offer a man like you.

Yesterday “the king is gone” but he’s soul stay in our heart. You teached us, what should be a human, the sound of lucille is crying in our ears, we cry with her…

6 mounth ago i start to play guitare because of you, my life changed forever, and I don’t have enougth word to tell you how much i miss you… I’m very sorry about that .

Yvan Le Pape

A frenh pastry chef somewhere in france crying for you.

Brenard Bandiera says:

I’m sure poor Lucille is crying :(

Tami Boswell says:

RIP, Sir. You are a legend!

Reginald Essley says:

My Mother introduced me to BB King while I was in her womb. Although she had other children I was the only one who loved BB King. I remember taking her to see BB during the 80’s and 90’s. One time we where at a club and it was standing room only accept for BB’s reserved table. We where full of some happy juice and sat at his table despite the “Reserved Sign”. At the beginning of the show, the bouncer came over and demanded that we move back to the standing room only section. BB King while playing looked at the bouncer shock his head and waived the bouncer off and we had a hell of a time at that show. Thank you BB for the music and kindness. RIP.

Deborah Owens says:

I cannot express how profoundly sad I am. Rest in peace, B.B…..you were, indeed, a legend.

Brian Inman says:

I’m just devastated. Mr. King was a true inspiration.

Paul Käser says:


I´m sad, but I remember the words of BB King on his website. He was thankful for all the prayers and good wishes.

I´ve prayed for him – and Jesus answers every prayer. That´s my hope!

I pray for his family and friends!

Many greetings from germany
Paul Käser

M.A.Wilson says:

B.B.King you were the greatest of all time blues artist. You will be greatly missed. But,not forgotten. R.I.P.

Wendy says:

Rest in peace and make those angels sing.

Thank you for the music,


Tim Roan says:

Thank you B.B. for the great music you shared with all of us. Thank you for paving the way for numerous guitarists/bluesmen to carry on what you started. Long live the King of the Blues. Rest in Peace and your music will live on.


I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of a great
legend as Mr BB King.

Wow a sad day in the world of Lucilles, Guitarist, King & Blues lovers….

Its raining in Calif. today & his SOUL has
gone to heaven.

Mr King will truly be missed by me.


Matti Hippi says:

Thanks Mr King.
Your Music Made And Still Makes Me Happy.

Catherine Francis says:

I’m truly saddened by the passing of Mr. King, I know he was one of my Dad’s favorite artists. He brought joy even when listening to the “Blues”….he is a true legend!

Franck Ash says:

I’m deeply saddened and will immensely miss you.Thank you very much Mr King.Franck Ash

Rudy Wallang says:

My Hero.

Christophe Van Dyck says:

Dear Mr. King,

I would like the thank you for al these years of great music that I been listening since 1993, see you several times at concert in Belgium Flanders. Also wanna thank you for the straight you give me with your music, and also now at the moment!

We will see you again and then we are playing again!!

Thanks and rest in peace…

Belgium Flanders

Isabel says:

A new star is now up in the sky.
God Bless Him.

From Canary Islands, Spain.

Isabel says:

A new star is now up in the sky.
God Bless Him.

From Canary Islands, Spain.

Antonio Roman says:

Now the 3 Kings reign in Heaven !

Andy Depuydt says:

You’ve brought the Blues into our lives… No one can talk about the Blues without talking about B.B. King. No words could ever describe what you gave us. Thank you good man! Thank you!!!

Somhairle says:

What can I say that has not already been said.

I have played guitar for more years than I can remember and BB has been one of my greatest influences. Sadly, I was never anywhere close to being in his league.

I will miss his presence and what he gave to many other great guitarists.
From a small corner of Scotland, good night Mr KIng. Rest well.





Larry Guggemos says:

Rest in peace. Our thoughts are with your family as they go through this time together.

Larry Guggemos. Greeneville, Ten.

Ильдар says:

Love, mourn, remember thank you for the great music B.B.KING. I have lost a loved one.

Francisco Andrade says:

Thanks BB.

Today there will be Blues at Heavens as much you gave us here. It´s better you dont look down!

Thanks BB

Tony dlp says:

Rest in peace Mr. King! You were a musical juggernaut and the king of blues. You have inspired so many and achieved so much in your legendary career. Thank You for all the great songs you wrote and performed you will greatly be missed. Godspeed Blues Boy King and I hope you get to take Lucille with you on your eternal journey! REST IN PEACE LEGEND!

I grew up influenced by BB King. I was not a blues player but it has influenced my piano playing skills. I miss Mr. King. I only wish I got to meet him personally when here was here in New York City. God Bless Him and may he rest in peace and join the blues players in heaven.

Thank you for the joy you give us in the blues.

nell okie says:

I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to experience Mr. King and his music live, many times.

B.B. King and his music are forever!

Thank you!


I was choked to hear B.B.KING had passed away I have been a fan of his since I was a kid he was a great human being and his music told you how it all is.
I have got the blues will miss B.B.KING

Ruud beijers says:

Thanks Riley for your music!!!!!!
U Will never forget you

Bry Eakins says:

I posted this a few days ago on F.B.:

Lone Wolf
May 1 at 9:26pm ·
B.B. King – – I would like to thank you Sir, for spreading your music all over the planet & bringing a LOT of good times to good people. You have most definitely affected us, in a positive manner. Get your well deserved recognition & well deserved rest. God Bless YOU & I hope to hear you on the other side.

PEACE to you. Lone Wolf

Boy Howdy, here’s the heart breaker indeed:


Today, I recall that he could make people smile when there’s so much animosity around. I DO believe my heart has just been torn apart. I never thought I’d shed a tear for someone I’d never met, but I am now. R.I.P. & God Bless your family!

Nick says:

Thank you for all you have done for this world. Be healed and live with Jesus.

Delia Salazar says:

Such heartbreak…Rest in Peace Mr. King. You were a true original. Thank you for sharing your musical gifts with the world

Pieter says:

Will miss you. Loved everyting you did. Pieter from the netherlands

Scott Davis says:

I’m sorry to hear of your passing. I pray your soul finds peace in playing no more blues,but praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You will be missed, yet continue to inspire us with your genius and gentleness. Thank you for following your heart.

Denise says:

God bless you BB King. You are the Blues to me. I saw you perform at Humphreys, in San Diego a long time ago. I know that as long as I keep listening to the Blues then you will always be alive in my heart and soul.

anna says:

Rest in peace…
Your music and your
smile will be always in my heart.
Anna, germany

reni zapletal says:

thank you for the blues – i will never forget

RaMona Henry says:

I love bb so… I love his music. I wish i would have gotten to see him perform in person. My heart goes out to his family.

RaMona H.

Jessica Crenshaw says:

When I was a child, my parents listened to B.B. King often. I really became aware of how much I enjoyed his music when “The Thrill Is Gone” was released. He was loved by his fans and I feel good that he knew it. I’m sure God will enjoy his music, with B.B. being so much closer to Him now.

Witchywoman says:

Thank you for stopping to speak to me years ago in Memphis. Then 30 years later you saw me and took the time to ask if I had gotten my life straight yet. Your inspirational words ride with me still…God bless and…thanks for the music.

Staffan Hederberg says:

Rest in peace mr King. Hopefully the angels can hear Your music now

Moira e Thomas says:

Resti nei nostri cuori. Sei Un’anima capace di parlare con la musica e la tua chitarra a tutti noi. grazie King per le emozioni che ci hai regalato…rimarranno con noi per sempre. Moira e Thomas da Verona Italy

Paul Stanfield says:

The flame may have expired but the voice and the sound will live on forever.
The world of music has lost a true icon.
Rest peacefully and let Lucille still be your guide xxx


the greatest blueman ever will be truley missied by all

Edurocker says:

R.I.P – Thank u 4 your music!! ♫♪♫

juan says:

Gonna Miss U BB king!

Mr. Love says:

To Mr. King’s family and friends,

You have inspired me since the first note I ever heard from you. Your passing saddens me but I’m happy to know that you’re in a better place. Also, you’ve left me and everyone else in the world with wonderful music to remember you by. Rest well Mr. King.

Joshua Love

Michael Fleming says:

Mr. King,

You have been my biggest guitar influence and my greatest musical hero since I was 10-years-old. I got to see you once in a small club in Harlem when I was 21 years old. You told stories and played the blues for us all night. I’ll never forget it. Your shimmering tuxedo and of course Lucille. I was close enough to see the sweat pour down your brow as you gave us everything you had in you. You never took an audience for granted. And of pure coincidence, I purchased a used, semi-hollow body guitar at a music shop because it was similar to the one that you played. That was just a few hours before you passed. I took it as a sign and I shall forever call my guitar “Riley.”

The world will feel the vibrations of your music till the end of time. Long live your music and long live the blues.

Much love from a grateful fan,


mariano redondo says:

Thank you very much for everything, it rests in peace

mariano redondo says:

Thank you very much for everything, it rests in peace Mr King

Vinicius Rettore says:

Vá com Deus. Fica aqui seu grande legado. Thank you.

John Cameron says:

Thank you for the wonderful music.
From the first time I saw B.B at Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario Canada until the last time I saw B.B at The Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada a span of nearly 50 years , B.B always was entertaining and professional beyond all expectations . B.B will be greatly missed , but he will live on forever in the great music that was his . The King of The Blues may be gone in body , but the spirit will live on forever and if I may steal a phrase and paraphrase a bit :
The Thrill Will Never Be Gone.
Thank You B.B. King

P. Hall says:

To the Family of Mr. B.B. King:

I express my sincere condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. GOD Bless you.

Charlie Baier says:

I was deeply saddened to learn of Mr. King’s passing. I had the priviledge of seeing him in concert twice. At one of the concerts he played with a boy named Nathan who was battling a seriuos disease. I have been playing guitar since 1966 and my Number 1 is a 1973 Gibson SG. I own several books about Mr. King including his autobiography. He was not only a gigantic musical talent but also a kind and generous man who will be greatly missed but always remembered as being the Ambassador of the Blues. May God comfort all those who knew him and loved him.

Bogdan Florin G. says:

God rest the soul of the Blues King!

Ro Daley says:

The Cleveland Blues Society wishes Mr. King’s Family and blues Family and Friends their deepest sympathies. Our existence is to build awareness of the Blues Music he dedicated his life to.

Rest In Peace Mr. B.B. King. The Thrill will live on through your music for each of us.

Ro Daley
Cleveland Blues Society

Bernhard Höchtl says:

Definitively the saddest day ever!See you in heaven my dear friend, you´ll always be in my heart and I promise (like all of us)to keep your great blues alive, forever! Thanks for all the great moments you gave to me / us. My dear Riley B. King, you made this world worth living. Thanks for everything (your inspiration, your music, your personality, your instructions, Lucille, and so many more)! I love you forever! God bless you and your family. Bernhard Höchtl (Austria)

Jan Woordes says:

It was a great shock to me to hear that the KING has died. I have seen Mr. King play three times here in the Netherlands and I will never forget those concerts. RESPECT to you MR.King ,a legend has died

Alice says:

R.I.P B.B King
We Love you

Barry Postma says:

Rest in peace Mr.King. You were an inspiration to both myself and my son. God bless you sir.

Carlos says:

The One and Only ,Greatest Blues Man on the World .
The Sweet Angels they would take You on The Big Wings into Heaven.
Thank You for your Music friendship and support.

Carlos Geniso

Gregory Joseph Tschirhart says:

Long live the BB King. He has far from passed. He is in every person to whom he touched in his music and style. Long live the King.

nikki latimer says:


Trevor says:

The legend, the voice and the man will live on in the hearts and souls of everyone who has ever had the privilege of meeting Mr King, listening to his stories, hearing his music and just being in his presence. Rest peacefully old friend, your one kind favor will always be respected.
You brought heaven to earth with your music, now you are taking it home. The angels are singing.

Shawn Luckman says:

Rest in Peace Mr King & thank you for the music you made,now Lucille plays in Heaven’s choir.

bob conboy says:

RIP B.B. you will be missed
god bless
bob c.

Przemek from Poland says:

Thank You [*][*][*]

Cindy Heidorn says:

My sincere condolences to BB King’s children and family.
We had the pleasure of sharing the music of BB King with our daughters Jenn and Christel and BB called Christel up to the stage to give her a pick. She is now 23 and remembers this special moment, AND we still have that pick.
A true legend is gone but he has left his spirit in song!

Tom says:

I’m so sorry to hear of Mr. King’s passing. I always meant to see him perform but never got a chance to, seemed like he was always touring and there was time.

My condolences to his family and friends

Ricardo Murray Jr. says:

Long live the King!!! Forever in our souls and blues… May he rest in peace.

Manuel Ceballos says:

What a sad day for music. God bless that admirable man and everything he did to charm this world. He will be missed forever. God bless, rest in peace to the King.

Manuel from Mexico.

Sharon Gibson says:

B.B., we’ll never forget you and Lucille. You are truly a legend. Thanks for all the years you’ve been giving us the blues.

Ambassador Pryor says:

One more King gone home to reign with the Father; Mr. King will be deeply missed and his contributions to the music industry will imminate and ecco throughout history as a legend, musical icon and most undoubtedly the King of Blues! R.I.P.

Elizabeth Delaney says:

Rest in Peace BB. You will be sadly missed.

Drew says:

You are truly going to be missed!!! Heaven is a much better place today.

Eric T. Peterson says:

B.B.King was the king of blues, no doubt. He was to blues like John Coltrane is to jazz. You cannot EVER mention the blues and not know who B.B.King is. He WAS the blues. You felt every lyric, note, and most of all, his passion. He will definitely be missed. Thank You, B.B, for all the years of good, foot stumpin’ down home blues. May you R.I.P..

Ron Orud says:

Mr. King was a national treasure. He will be greatly missed.

J. Taylor says:

God Bless you, B. B. King…
You will be missed, may your music live on in the hearts of fans – worldwide – forever! R.I.P.


Mike says:

Thanks for sharing with us your beautiful love for the blues and all the many hits you made throughout my life time. We will miss the greatest Bluesman of all time. May your legacy live on and may your soul rest in peace. God Bless You.

Sourav Mukherjee says:

A great loss for blues music. RIP Mr. B B King

deborah says:

RIP BB King of the Blues! Thrill is gone but never forgotten!

Krzysiek Raczkowski says:

There are no words to describe our sadness.

Reast in peace BB King.

Blues has lost its king.

Alexander Farfan says:

Gracias por tu musica!!!

Ver usad for he dadme

Roy Ladd says:

Sunflower County Mississippi shines brighter today, her beautiful flower has gone home. Rest in peace Riley B King. You will live in all our Indianola.

I remember the first time I really listened to BB King’s music was the Live at Cook County Jail album..it cemented my love for the blues, 99% of the time my sirrus radio is set to Bluesville. I make a few blues festivals a year and belong to the local Blues Society. My lifelong love of the blues is because of that album and BB King. I pray your music lives in loving memory. You are the King

Antonio Goncalves says:

Heaven has got a new Angel…Rest in peace King.

Andrew Marino says:

All I can say is thank you for the music. The thrill will never be gone.

Tom Bryant says:

I was heartbroken this morning to hear of Mr. King’s passing. I was truly blessed to hear him twice and consider him one of the best musicians ever. After Freddy and Albert, he was the Last King of the Blues. God Bless and keep you sir.

Martin says:

A Big Blues for the King.
He sure was my inspiration.
As a guitarplayer and as a man.

Frank says:

BB King was a great ambassador to the human race. RIP and thank you!

Karen Jones says:

May BB King forever Rest In Paradise. He will be dearly missed. My family loved him and wow it feels like we lost one of our own.

Jyrki says:

World is not the same anymore because one of the greatest is gone. R.I.P. Blues Boy!

Alexis says:

So very sad to hear this. May he rest in peace. And sending prayers of comfort to the family.

Thierry says:

Bye Bye King!
We miss you already.

Bill Beard Jr. says:

Thank you Mr. King, for a lifetime of music, and your unique way of making everyone feel a part of your shows. You will be missed, but Heaven just got another legend to join the band….

God Bless,
Bill Beard Jr.

Julie says:

Rip to the best blues artist of all times. Sending prayers to his family and friends. He is a legend and will never be forgotten

Gerhard Strahammer says:

Thank you for the Blues!

It was a priviledge watching and listening to you!
Gerhard & Heidi from Austria

todd glyer says:

B.B. was love personnified. I was priviliged to have seen him many times through the years and will miss him terribly. Enjoy your eternity B.B.

Carlos Carrillo says:

RIP Mr. King – Thank you for all the music

Bruno Marques says:

I am really sad about the loss of the Legend, BB was the one who made me fall in love with blues music. My thoughts go to his relatives. Rest in piece BB, you will forever stay alive in my heart. Thank you

francisco aranha says:

play with the angels!!!!

April says:

A legend. You will be missed.

Fabio Rosales says:

I’m so sad, See you later, Maestro.

Marcello Baghetti says:

Thank you B.B. for be part of our lives
Now angels will sing for you

rest in peace

Len Gurule says:

I met Mr. King in 1971 at a concert in San Francisco, Basin St West, about the time of the Live at Cook County album. After the concert I saw Mr. King standing alone, I gathered all my courage and went up to him, introduced myself and nervously expressed my admiration. The only word that comes to mind is “Gentleman”. Maybe that or “Humble. Mr. King was talking to me but I was in such awe, that I was having trouble hearing what he was saying. All I knew was that I was talking to B.B.King and he was shaking my hand.
To date I have never heard anything quite as amazing or have been so touched musically or emotionally as I was that evening.
“Rest in Peace Mr. King”, I will never forget you.

Len Gurule’

Tyrone says:

My thoughts and prayers go out to the King family.

Gerald Hilton says:

B. B. King will forever be loved and missed. His music kept a light burning even in the darkest of time. I will be always grateful that he set a standard for millions. Not just a masterful player of song, but a masterful student of the heart.

He will always be the One And Only King Of The Blues.

Thank you sir,

Gerald Hilton
The Netherlands

Kyryll says:

Thank you B.B., we wish you’d stay around a little longer more. Lord knows we loved the life you lived…

Monica Sykes says:

B.B.King you have inspired and moved many with your soulful music and originality. What a life well-lived! I celebrate you! I honor you! I will always remember you! God bless you during the next stage of your journey. Amen

Nicholas W. Smith says:

It is with all the sincerity that my heart can give to offer my deepest condolences and to the King family. Legend is a total understatement when trying to describe the King. Without him modern electric blues would not be. We would have never seen the likes of Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughn just to name a few if it were not for him. BB King effected me personally and as a musician as well and there is always going to be a special part in my heart for that. He is in Heaven where he belongs jamming once again with SRV, Muddy Waters and all the great musicians that he either touched musically or got to jam with professionally. What a career, man and concept the Kink is not was.
RIP my friend. I`d love to hear the reunion and jam sessions that you can have now.

Warmest Regards,
Nicholas W. Smith

Terry Hatcher says:

A sad day for the guitarist of the world and the family, fans & friends of BB King. I knew this day would come eventually but I surely didn’t know how bad it would really be….. the end of an era. BB King was on my then 20+ year old mother’s turntable in the 60’s and I became a guitar player later and even met BB while working as a stagehand several times. He was kind enough to talk shop with me for about 20 minutes. I wish his family and management team peace.
Thank you Riley King.

Frank says:

Even for a Native American like me that grew up on the Reservation I was inspired by this great legend too. I will never forget all the times I sat there and watched him play on Austin City Limits as I air guitared to his riffs with a fly swatter. It wasnt a gibson but hey it sounded just like one. Thank you Mr. King for all your inspiring blues music. Your in a good place now and all the angels are getting their air guitars tuned up for the great gig in the sky…. Frank

Mr.Werachai Thanamaimas says:

It is not just your music that jazz up the world for so many years, it is also your personality. You are one of the world greatest musicians but you stayed humble. It’s your friendship and care that you shared to us. We know that you love us and we love you too. RIP BB.KING

Claire Archibald says:

How truly fortunate I am to have lived in a time when I could hear B.B. King live. His guitar, his voice, his music.
Thank-you so much B.B. for your generosity in all you gave us. I hope you knew how much you are adored.
Rest in Peace.

Georgiy Boguslavskiy says:

Strong Man, Incredible Music!
I^m crying & praying for Your Sole!

Jeff Greiner says:

Mr King exuded class. I’ll never forget a young boy being invited up on stage to sit w BB and he assured his mother and all parents in the audience that “you will never be embarrassed to bring your children to a BB King concert”. The world has lost a hero!

Josh Groomer says:

Mr. King, may you forever live on in the hearts and souls of the millions of people you have inspired for nearly a century. Thank you God for giving us Riley B. King.

Giovanni says:

Rest in peace Mr. King!

Steve Powell says:

Classy, always. You would just take the music for granted every time you saw him. The blues took on a deeper shade of sorrow today.
My respect and prayers to his family, friends, and followers.

Quint says:

Thank you Mr. BB King for giving me such great music and you as a very beloved and special person. Every time I saw you on tv, Internet or dvd’s you gave me a smile on my face. In my mind you keep the blues Alive. Hope to see you in a next life. Rest in peace.

Hugo Gomes says:

I am very sad with this new,,, I am from Portugal and i had the oportunity to see the King of the Blues in Sabrosa… A true KING!!!
Rest in Peace

Hollywood says:

I got a chance to see BB King perform at his last concert in San Francisco and I am honored and blessed to have witnessed the legend. Thank you BB King for your gift and God Bless your eternal soul. Rest in Paradise.

Nancy Simpson says:

His voice, his music reached to the heart and soul. Going down to Beale just won’t be the same any longer.

Joaquin says:

El mundo te va a extrañar. Te voy a honrar dandole mi corazón a la música, tal como lo ha hecho Riley Ben King. Desde Argentina.

mark wyatt says:

He was the last of the original southern born
bluesmen. The world is a better place because he lived. He is not dead, he will always live within his music. Rest in peace, my weary king.

carolyn stewart says:

I’ve loved BB King’s music since I was 13, and have seen him in the UK several times. What an amazing man, who gave so much pleasure to so many people. Condolences to all his family and friends. Bless you BB and may your soul rest in peace.

HAM says:

Just to explain my sadness…and also my luck to have seen him on stage in Paris in 2006 for his tour called ‘Farewell tour’. Thas was a great BLues time in my life. He was already very tired but enjoed being on stage with his lovely ‘Lucille’….

Yes, he will remain the best among the best blues guitarists. His disparition is a big loss for THE BLUES lovers around the world.

Hope, still a few very talented guitarist will pay him a nice tribute to BB playing him at their shows… Always will live the (good) Blues and BB King through their bluesy fingers!

Peace to his Soul forever and Respect for his great Musician carrer.

Eliane (France)

Rick Stafford says:

Now the thrill really has gone, but never forgotten, god bless BB.

Rob says:

BB changed my view on music and playing forever. His legacy will always live on. Rest in peace.

Hallynck says:

Think you and good by Mr King. We are really sad today. Elise and Thierry from Saint Malo in France

Tony Hayward says:

The world is a sadder place.
I can imagine an all star jam tonight with Jimi, Stevie Ray, Jeff Healey etc…getting close to the master trying to find out “how did you do that man?”
Bless you Riley King!!
The Dude-UK

Jon says:

its raining in my hometown today because the earth is singin the blues! rEst in peace Mr. King.

Ralf Kaminski says:

Thank you for the music. You will never be forgotten.

Rob Henderson says:

Rest in peace, Mr King!
Thank you for the music
and all the unforgettable

The thrill will never be gone!!!

Chris Knights says:

Thank you so much for all the wonderful music you have made. You have made a lot of people very happy.




Fernando says:

Un grande entre los grandes.

Don B.B. King, nos dejas pero tu música vivirá para siempre, gracias por compartir tu talento con nosotros.

Buen viaje.

Fernando says:

Un grande entre los grandes.

Don B.B. King, nos dejas pero tu música vivirá para siempre, gracias por compartir tu talento con nosotros.

Buen viaje.

is dead the King?? no ! he’s live in my music, in my blues, I remember him every night in my shows!! thank you for teach me how play the blues. from Argentina, Pappo’s Country, “Hasta la victoria siempre”…

Siavash Noroozi says:

I realy don’t know what can I say about this man. 3 days ago I was talking about Mr. King’s music with my friend. I realy can’t belive he is not between us anymore. In this cruel world we need men like Mr. King.
He’s in my heart forever. I love you B. B. King. I love you my hero. Rest in peace :'(

Whitney says:

There is such an empty feeling when a great musician passes. BB inspired so many musicians across the world and his name will be remembered in history. His music will live on until the end of time.. What an amazing soul. Rest in peace BB.

Joe LoPIano says:

My thoughts and prayers for the Man and his family. He has touched many through his incredible talent. He will surely be missed and never replaced.

Kelly Carter says:

My now fiance, Jonathan introduced me to BB King’s music when I was young and in high school. Jonathan played guitar and his two favorite musicians were BB King and Eric Clapton. Over the course of the next 15 years, life sent us in different directions. Five years ago our paths crossed again and although we had both grown up and changed……his love for BB King and Eric Clapton has only grown stronger. Jonathan got us tickets to see Mr. King at a concert he did in Savannah, Georgia back in 2010. I am so glad we got to see him live because he was amazing. He is a legend and will be missed very much all across the world.

Dhiraj says:

The passing of s great warrior hero of music is indeed sad. But such a rare soul comes to earth for specific reasons. BB King came for the nourishment of the entire humanity. Om Shanti, May his soul rest in peace.

Rodinei Tenorio says:

BB King is Good. RIP Genius!
Hugs from Brazil!

Richmaster says:

A living legend (because he will be living forever) has passed away in the mother’s month as he’s leaving us a tremendous legacy, the roots, the mother of rock and rolls sounding all around the world and beyond.

Than you BB, thank you King.

Andrea Manzotti says:

Mio Re,
grazie per la passione – per il Blues ancor prima che per la musica – che hai saputo regalarmi sin dal nostro primo incontro, quando piu’ di 30 anni fa comprai il tuo magnifico long playing “LIVE AT THE REGAL”.

Mi hai lasciato solo a portare avanti lo Spirito del Blues che dal Delta di Son House e Robert Johnson arriva fino a te nella fredda Windy Town…

Ciao…mi mancherai Mio Re.

Andrea Manzotti
Ancona, Marche

Jim says:

If there’s any record of my life a thousand years from now, it may be that the most important thing I ever did was to shake your hand. Thank you and rest well.

Dennis Kane says:

“The thrill ain’t never gone. Not with you in our hearts. And, that will be forever.”

Jeffrey Farris says:

RIP to the King of the Blues. You’ll be missed but your music will live on for generations to come. If was an honor to hear you play in the Heart of the MS Delta, Cleveland, on the campus of Delta State University in June of 2010. #BBking #LUCILLE

Jeffrey King Farris
Cleveland, MS

David Elliott says:

I had the joy of seeing “Blues Boy” 3x’s in my life, once w/ Willie Nelson, once at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, and once on his own (I have a tour program from that show). The man possessed an inimitable style, he could hit notes that just went up your spine- and that voice, so strong yet so supple! One of a kind, the “King of the Blues”, “The Thrill is Gone” yet not soon to be forgotten! Rest in eternal peace, God’s guitar player, Riley B. “Blues Boy” B.B. King!

bonnie lopez says:

the greatest bluesman…….EVER…….has gone home……..love you always. xoxoxo

Parsa says:

You’ll Be Deep Deep Down Right in Our Bluesy Hearts King.. Rest In Peace

Michael Gerhardt says:

The King of the blues is gone, but will never be forgotten by his fans in Germany. God bless the soul of Mr. King, R.I.P.

ted koester says:

…the thrill is truly gone. my sheraton gets a helluva workout tonight. a true gentleman. at a concert in des moines many years ago; his knees were killing him, he didn’t stay for long onstage at concert’s end giving out pins and shaking hands…finally, he waved us off, enough, i gotta go, i had brought his autobiography to sign, and i hollered, aw, and i even brought a brand new pen! well, he heard that, rolled them ol’ eyes, smiled, and motioned, ok, bring it up; he signed it and shook my hand. there are so few who’ll go out of their way for anything anymore. a true gentleman. i will never forget.
…maybe the thrill isn’t gone after all…

Marek says:

Piast tak nie będzie smakowł bez Pana.

Ben Stevens says:

My dondoleances to Mr King’s family.

Thank you BB King for your music.

I’m glad I saw one of your concerts a few years ago in Brussels.



Steve Grills says:

The love B.B. so freely and generously shared through his music is his legacy, a legacy that will remain a gift to humankind for etenity. Thank you B.B., the world love you too!
-Steve Grills

Doron nuni says:

A man, a legend, a roll model, an inspiration, a teacher.
You are the reason I keep picking up my guitar trying to improve my playing every day for 20 years.

I shed a tear for you great man,
and I wish to meet you on the next world!

You may not be among us anymore,
But you will always live in our playing inspired by you.


Michael says:

BBKing, +14.05.2015

R.i.p. He was really like a father to me. He inpired my guitarplaying and makes me keep on playing till the end! What a great personality!!!

SCWID says:

You will be missed BB King! you have been one of the largest influences of all time.

Willa Murray says:

I will miss you so much. Remember every time I saw you. Concerts and small venue places. The Life of Riley, a inspiration of what one can do.

Your music will go on forever. Bless your family and friends. I know you will still be playing no matter where you are.

Peace be With You..

Genny Wilson says:

We will all miss you dearly Mr. King
Enjoy playing Lucille for the angels!

José Luis says:

Now “The thrill is gone”

J says:

Rest in peace Mr. King. Thank you so much for your beautiful music and inspiration that will continue to be cherished for years to come. I will miss you greatly sir. I’ve always looked up to you being able to do what you’ve wanted despite the obstacles you have faced.

Thank you so much for having set an example for us. Showing us to love ourselves and love beautiful music. I regret having not been able to attend the concert when you were in town sir. But I have always played your music proudly through my times of need and will still do so.

Yes sir we are “Gonna miss you”
May the Blues live on forever and may we hear it from up in heaven where you now rest in peace.

Lucille, keep playing those last notes for us at least for old times sake.

Marilyn Bossard says:

There will never be another that could make your sorrow go away the way Mr. B.B.King did when he played his guitar . You could feel the energy and love that he had . His music was one of a kind and. he will be truly missed, but his legacy is here to stay .

Wayne says:


Paul M. Grant says:

Even the words I so long to hear from the King won’t fill the void I woke up to day.

“The Thrill is gone”, you did “play that old guitar until the day you died”, and I don’t know how “I will survive”.

Songs and lyrics from the Master, The King of the blues Mr. B.B. King.

Although we all knew the day would come to say goodbye to BB, it just seems way too soon. May his spirit and his love of the blues live on forever through his music.
My God Bless You and thank you for so much. RIP

Chris says:

So sad.

Andreas Bartram says:

As I was a young student and I have to wrote a strong
test at the univesity.
I saw B.B. two weeks before and he……
played his first tune…..
and I forgot all of my worries and my mind was free…



Rest In Peace

And play a welcome with Jimi and Stevie when we will see us in heaven.


Andres says:

Seen him in Spain 2011. Glad i did it.
May he rest in peace in blues heaven !

Karla says:

When someone lived a life like B.B. did, fulfilling his dreams and doing what he loved the most for the most of it, death can only be a celebration. The Universe is richer for one Angel King more!

ludovico says:

I saw the king for My frist fine when i Was a Child……….now, after 30 years, i’m still remeber that 1th (for me) time. Tank You King and r.i.p.

Jordan Green says:

I first heard B.B.King when I was 18, just a year after I started playing guitar. He was my introduction to the blues and the first musician I ever managed to play along to by ear. Since that time I have heard a lot of great music but to this day I have never heard anyone sing and play from the heart like him. This is a sad day. Goodbye Riley, you will be missed

Rick T says:

BB King was to the “blues” what air is to “breathing”. God bless BB King for all he did to bring this american art form to the forefront. RIP King.

Timothy Wayne Pearl says:

There is not a guitar player out there who has not heard of BB King, or who has used one of his licks in some of there solos. Including myself. R.I.P. Mr King the forefather of the blues rockers you will be Missed

Jerry Mariani says:

I was lucky to see B.B. several times, the last was the most memorable since my college age daughter wanted to see B.B. with me. We bonded over his great blues music at the Buell Theater in Denver Colorado. Something we’ll both never forget. Thank you, B.B., for all the great music.

Laura Goodman says:

RIP Mr.B.B. King you were an inspiration to many you will truly missed but you will live on through your music

Gregg Kendall says:

So sad to see He’s gone. going to miss his live shows but his music will live forever.

JB says:

What is there to say when one of your heroes has passed from this earth? I spent a lot of nights listening to BB when I was going through some hard times. His music carried me through and when I got to the other side, I still listened, but now I sing along with the joy he felt when performing. His music and his spirit will live on forever. Godspeed B.B. and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

R.I.P. Riley… You certainly deserve to be called “Mr. Blues” forever…